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Heather + Nora | “Mommy and Me”


I have all but one date booked for the mommy and me sessions I offered for July + August and man oh man does it make my heart SIIIING! I am having such a blast venturing around, capturing all of these cute bonds between a mother and her children! Over the weekend I photographed Heather and Nora here at Speedwell Lake (one of my favorite spots to photograph). The weather was heavenly! This barefoot duo twirled the night away laughing and picking flowers and it. was. magic.

XO | Meagan

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Erika + Emory | Mommy + Me Session


HOW CUTE ARE THESE TWO!!? To answer the question on everyones mind – this location is a private property owned by Erika’s uncle.. I know, I know – it’s AMAZING. But what truly made these images pop aside from the location + the gorgeous weather was this mommy and son duo who vibrate all the fun loving feels. Emory is just about to turn the big O N E and it’s been so awesome to watch Erika rocking out this whole motherhood thing. It’s been so much fun having them as play date friends! Scott, Erika’s husband surprised her with this session for Mothers Day and luckily we saved it for the most perfect evening. :)

I had so much fun doing this session that I’ve decided to offer $100, 30 minute “mommy + me” mini sessions for a limited time through August! Spots are limited so head to the contact tab above and reach out to schedule yourself a spot! Things to expect: sunshine, cuddles, giggles + any location you want! I also have 2 blue confetti cannons and a bubble machine we can use during your session for the first two lucky clients to book! Let’s get creative! 💛✨💛


XO | Meg

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Austynn Serene | Birth Story

I am so excited to be sharing this birth with you all. Birth photography is something I am going to be sharing more and more of here. I fell in love with as I was pregnant with my son, Owen. I began following a lot of mama blogs + IG accounts and the realness that mother’s were showing encaptured me. Women often say to me, “why would I want to look back and remember that!?”… I think what I love about it is that it’s REAL. It’s not posed. It can’t be! Each story is it’s own and is completely perfect in it’s own way because it cannot be imitated or re-created. It’s YOUR story.  A lot of moms will say that they don’t even remember half of their labor because they were so out of it and that I captured moments they wouldn’t have even knew had happened, especially as the years go past. This is such a huge event in your life! Whether you keep it for your own eyes or choose to share it with others close to you. People are often worried that it’ll ruin the intimacy of the labor or take away from their privacy or experience. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Your labor and delivery will always remain sacred and intimate as my goal is just to be a fly on the wall and non-intrusive. You don’t even know I’m there. :)

People have been asking me why I chose to pursue this and the truth is I just love it all – the faces, the blood of a miracle coming into this earth, the stretch marks, the undone hair, the sweat, the way a women conquers something she never knew she could, the nurses/family/team that cheer you on, the honest embraces and euphqorical moments. You guys, there is beauty in the real. In the untouched, un-posed and un-styled. Coming from photographing weddings were everything is about perfection and trends and being styled with expectations, which don’t get me wrong, I still do love! But there is just something about the honesty there is in birth photography.

I immediately knew I wanted my own labor and birth photographed. There is something so beautiful in those raw, empowering moments. The female body you guys – it’s no joke. It deserves a freaking medal! After giving birth to our first child Owen, over the course of the late nights + long, sleepy days, I often went back to our birth photos to relive that best moment of my life. The hours that I conquered, the moment I heard Owen’s sweet little cry for the first time and saw his scrunched up, cute little face; when his skin touched mine and his little finger wrapped around my husband’s hand. That moment in time that my husband and I had never felt so connected and in love. To this day I take trips down memory lane with our birth images, and they take me right back to those moments that I never want to forget. Especially the ones that I was too out of it to even realize had happened – like my husbands face as I labored, his hands supporting me, my mom reading scripture over me, the time on the clock as I approached each stage of labor, my doula coaching us and praying over us, the steam from the oils diffusing across the dimmed lights and worship music playing. Each image takes me right back and I love that I’ll have those forever as my baby grows and becomes a man. I love that I have those images to share with him and his babies some day.

I am so honored that Austin and Sarah allowed me to document their birth story for them and share some of it with all of you. I’ve been building my portfolio this year with 4 birth’s (two photographed, two to come). I’m slowly working on getting together a pricing package + adding a portfolio on this site of mine! My plan is to book 1-2 births a month in 2019 once I am off of maternity leave. I cannot wait to see where this journey goes!

Sarah is wonder women. In fact, I think I told her that multiple times through her labor!  She smiled, laughed, and embodied patience, strength and serenity through out the entire natural labor and delivery. Even once she hit transition and was into the thick of it, she seemed so peaceful! Austin was the best support, constantly encouraging her, running water over her back through the contractions, holding her tight or helping her stand, whatever she needed he was there. The two created such a beautiful, spiritual, love filled environment kissing one another and holding onto one another through the early morning. Sarah’s mother also was there so help her through labor and rub her back and help the couple however they needed. Sarah labored in the water for most of her time, but she was able to catch some rest in the bed for a little bit, as well as use the shower for some water pressure and rock on a birthing ball. After all of her hard work, she delivered a precious little girl – Austynn Serene, who has the fullest head of brown hair.

XO | Meagan

* I do not share anything without permission and am selective about what I share publicly out of respect for my clients. There are no obligations to share your birth images through my contract.

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Dan + Caitlyn – Maternity Session


A few weeks ago I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Dan and Caitlyn’s maternity session on the softest, warm, glowy evening here in Lancaster. Fast forward to this week and I am anxiously on stand by watching my phone for the call that this little boy is making his debut! The life of a birth photographer is one I am truly falling more and more in love with. And after witnessing how sweet Dan is to Caitlyn, how strong of a bond they share and how their interactions between one another are so uplifting and natural – it makes me so confident that this birth story is going to be nothing but a blessing to be a part of. :)

xo, Meg

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For This Child We Have Prayed


If you landed on this blog post it’s most likely because you heard the big news! I’M PREGNANT! I have been bursting at the seems to share our latest news! It feels so good to finally be able to tell the world that baby number two is due this October! This is slightly nuts to me because my birthday is October 17th and Caleb’s birthday is October 19th. We also have friends/family who are October 3rd, 15th, 16th, 20th and 24th. And Caleb’s dad is November 3rd + my mom is November 17th. BIRTHDAYS ALL AROUND. My due date has ranged from October 27th-30th. But we got news from our OB today that she expects us to deliver around 37 weeks again which would be right around October 6th!? So far both pregnancies/babies have enjoyed keeping mama on her toes in anticipation. Our friends are joking that we’ll have him/her on Halloween to continue the holiday birthdays (Owen is New Year’s Eve).

 photo 37803370-FF0F-4473-B45C-2C5A81C0C5BF.jpg
 photo 5D98FB16-0E4D-4704-9530-A98442BA3058.jpg
 photo A0F5F7F0-8508-4209-A59A-1F8DBC371630.jpg
 photo 4A091501-DBBB-4D9C-BA10-359C60C0ECBA.jpg
 photo 115DDD24-8A2B-4A96-ADF5-0159B353533B.jpg
 photo 89FD0EE5-811E-4AB2-99F8-C0913F477D99.jpg
Needless to say, this pregnancy was a complete surprise. After my miscarriage in August of 2017, I decided to take some time to just enjoy life as a family of three. I wasn’t in a rush to get pregnant again since Owen was only 7 months old at the time. It was so fun to just focus on Owen and give him that time to have our full attention, and to be spoiled and loved on 24/7. Around December/January I started to feel a little more ready to add to our family, but had an ideal time frame of when I wanted to get pregnant next. So after planning things out in my head, we agreed on trying this Spring/early Summer to get pregnant. Mostly because I wanted another (late) Winter or early Spring baby since literally all birthdays in our family + life seem to be Fall and Winter birthdays haha, but also because I really loved giving birth over the Winter and having that season to just hibernate and adjust to our new life with Owen. My body does not handle heat well, and I get extremely swollen (along with higher blood pressure rates) during pregnancy which can put you at a risk for preeclampsia so I was trying to avoid being towards the end of a pregnancy in those hot Summer months. WELP. As it usually goes, whenever I try to control a situation God laughs and says “jokes on you”. I really feel like He took the reins and is showing us a few things:

  1. I don’t need to live in fear, I need to live by faith. Fear of being super pregnant in hot months, fear of what could go wrong, fear of how it’s going to effect Owen, fear of not having a big enough house, fear of another miscarriage, fear of my blood pressure getting too high. All the fears. But I know that is not from God, because He has not given me a spirit of fear but of a sound mind.
  2. Worry and doubt bind us up + that’s not from God. He wants us to live passionate, faith filled lives. Me trying to control the timeline was causing me to limit God and not live in the Faith that He works all things together for the good of those that love Him.
  3. He’s our provider, our sustainer, and our Shepard. Who am I to say that the symptoms I had last pregnancy will be the same this pregnancy. I found myself speaking those struggles or worries over this pregnancy and immediately had to take every one of those thoughts and words captive. Instead of expecting to be swollen and tired and paranoid about blood pressure, I am speaking LIFE, peace, strength, energy and a healthy pregnancy over this little babe and I.
  4. HIS TIMING IS REAL. The adjustments with my business, stepping back from weddings this year, our potential house renovations beginning, and this pregnancy happening! It all lines up perfectly and it always makes so much sense once He reveals His bigger picture to you. His timing is perfect and His plans far exceed my own.

So here I am, almost 11 weeks pregnant and gearing up for two under two (for a few months anyway), and all the pool hangs + swollen, bare feet this Summer. It’s pretty fun to think that my pregnancy journey is mirroring my mom’s pregnancy journey with me almost to a T. :)

How it all went down:

Two weeks leading up to the day that I found out I was pregnant, this stomach bug/flu/viral thing that 90% of Lancaster County experienced hit our home. Caleb got it, then Owen got it, then I (thought I) started to get it, then it kind of teetered back and forth between Owen and Caleb for a few days again. So for awhile I just thought thats what I had but it seemed to continue to linger, along with nausea which Caleb never had. So I took a pregnancy test and it showed up negative, which I expected. A few days later I ordered my favorite pregnancy tests on Amazon (they seem to be the only ones that work for me + I love to keep them stocked). My amazon account is shared with my parents, so when my mom saw the order she immediately texted me and said “is there something you need to tell me!?!?”.. ha! At this point I honestly had no clue that I was pregnant and was honestly just ordering them to have on hand for the future.

A week passed and everyone was back to being healthy but I still felt crazy nauseas so on February 16th, 2018 I decided to take one of the tests I had ordered. It didn’t even take the full 3 minute wait time before “PREGNANT” appeared on the screen and I felt my face fall to the floor and my heart jump into my throat. I couldn’t believe it and was overcome with so much excitement! When I thought I was pregnant with Owen, Caleb really wanted to be with me for every pregnancy test, and he was! They all had come out negative, so I decided to take the very last test I had on hand before I made a call to my OB to get checked out because something clearly felt off. Annnnnd of course, that test was the one that gave me the positive result! I wound up calling Caleb in total shock and excitement the minute I found out which is a great memory but this time around I wanted to tell him in more of a creative way.

So after Owen woke up from his nap we took a trip to target + got  a “World’s Best Brother” t-shirt. Caleb was getting off of work early that day, so I had Owen wear the shirt under a hoodie and planned to have Caleb take off his hoodie for me nonchalantly when we all got home. Owen wound up taking the longest nap of his life that afternoon so I had to hold in this secret bursting inside of me the entire time waiting for him to wake up so I could do the big reveal to Caleb. I felt like I was shaking with anxiety for hours. Meanwhile, we had a guy over to work on our home security system so I was panicking that Owen would wake up while he was there and we’d lose the “perfect moment” to do this. It all wound up working out  and Owen slept through that entire appointment waking up about 20 or so minutes after the security system guy left. So I asked Caleb if he could get Owen and change his diaper/take off his hoodie for me since he would probably be hot (he’d fallen asleep in his carseat and stayed sleeping while I transferred his carseat to his nursery). I secretly held my phone to record Calebs reaction and it was priceless. Mostly because we’d just spent 2-3 hours together and I hadn’t spilled the news or any hints of being pregnant which is what surprised him the most, haha. He took off Owen’s hoodie and after noticing the T shirt, whipped his head around to me and said “REALLY!?” … it was the best.

 photo 4A3EF99B-146D-438F-9C61-E71552FAB0E2.jpg
 photo 1973805C-143D-4113-9FB7-A8EDCE07483C.jpg
 photo IMG_3540.jpg
 photo IMG_3420.jpg
 photo IMG_3417.jpg

We slowly told our families and close friends and immediately began to pray and speak life and favor over this little, budding life. After having my miscarriage I expected to be filled with anxiety and fear through out my next pregnancy, and while I do have little freak out moments now and then, I mostly have just felt so at peace and a confidence that could only be Jesus working through me.

My OB assured me that they’re keeping a close eye on this pregnancy so that we all have a peace of mind through things. After my first visit with my OB, I had my blood taken 48 hours apart to ensure that my HCG levels were doubling as they should be and sure enough, they were over doubling! I had my first transvaginal ultrasound right at our 6 week mark, and we could see our little poppy sized baby and it’s strong, healthy 105 bpm heart rate.

We’ve had a few different blood work/lab tests and OB appts done since, and everything has remained strong and healthy! We heard the heart beat for the first time at our 10 week appointment. Nothing can express the huge sigh of relief and immediate excitement that brings.

 photo IMG_4667.jpg

My symptoms started off pretty early on around 3 weeks, with heavy nausea and stomach issues; sensitivity to smells and a very sensitive gag reflex. Cravings came on way quicker this pregnancy as well – I was craving a Big Mac for awhile like non other. Big thanks to the hubs for letting me give in to that one. The cravings have continued, and I have been managing my nausea by keeping my stomach full through out the day. At first it seemed to be worse when my stomach was empty, especially first thing in the morning. But it has been off and on all day, everyday. And recently it seems like I get super nauseas even after I eat. The struggle is real. When you feel so nauseas the last thing you want to do is eat something! Lately there is NOTHING that looks or sounds appetizing to me which makes keeping my stomach full an even harder task. Thank goodness for gingerale, preggo-pops, and all the bland foods. Bagels with cream cheese, cereal, fruit, and anything sweet have been my favorite lately. I’ve been having aversions to eggs, cheese and anything rich/creamy/heavy. Pairing with nausea, I’ve had super intense heat flashes, migraines and little to no energy. Thankfully Owen still naps twice a day so most days I get to take a little cat nap during one of his.

As of now, I feel like my pregnancies are pretty similar. One of my most telling symptoms with Owen was how sore my boobs were. This time around, they’re a tiny sensitive off and on but nothing like it was with Owen’s pregnancy. I have a lot of the same symptoms but definitely a few different ones! It’s fun getting to compare and see how different each pregnancy is to the next.

With Owen, that pregnancy consumed me. It was all I could think about and talk about. I ate, slept and breathed it. This time around, I’ve got my hands so full with a little boy who is constantly getting into things and climbing on things and just began walking, so I fid myself much more exhausted and occupied this time around. But when I do have my moments to slow down and let it sink in, I feel overcome by God’s mercy, joy and thankfulness. I love talking to our little Poppy (this became the nickname b/c we found out I was pregnant when “it” was the size of a poppy seed), praying over him/her, eagerly waiting for all of the newborn snuggles and day dreaming about what life is going to look like later this year with two babes.

 photo 343CD42F-F57C-4236-B2D3-FF6229FFA9C3.jpg

 photo Untitled-1_1.jpg

Thank you SO MUCH to every one of you who have stood in agreement with us, declaring life and God’s goodness over our family and this baby. You’ve been carrying us through and it makes me cry (beyond the hormonal tears) that we’ve been so blessed with such an amazing village. We cannot wait to welcome this baby into our family and are deeply grateful for this blessing God’s given us.

*After I shared about my miscarriage in 2017, I had such an overwhelming  outpouring of love from woman who could identify with me and that pain. Some of you may have experienced your redemption stories and some of you may still be waiting, struggling and hurting. I want you to know that I think about each and every one of you and pray for you often. It’s such an inspiration that you’ve been brave to open up your heart, share your stories and be vulnerable with one another and me. Miscarriage is something that I wish was shared and talked about more. But it was so encouraging to see so many women come together and support one another. You’re so loved + so special to me.

Zach and Nikki | 06.24.17


This is one blog post I have been itching to do! Zach and Nikki are as sweet as they come and I an confidently say they turned into life long friends of mine. I love when this little job of mine allows me to meet complete strangers and in turn, form lasting relationships. Every time I get a sweet note from Nikki in my inbox on instagram it makes my day! Whether it’s discussing our latest product finds/reviews, encouragement over life circumstances or laughing at my son Owen’s adorableness – Nikki is always so authentic and really just such a gem.

Zach and Nikki’s relationship and wedding day can be wrapped up in this entire word: authenticity. They’re so kind and yet so real. They form real relationships with every one of the people in their lives. So much so that Nikki hand wrote personalized letters for each and every individual guest that she had tucked in their place settings at the reception. I mean if that doesn’t give you an idea of how neat this couple is than I don’t know what will! Zach leads Nikki with such care and devotion, and Nikki loves on her now husband with such tenderness + grace. I can’t say enough about these two!

Their day was irish themed, with a bunch of neat nods to the country. But the main inspiration for Zach + Niki were their families. They both come from incredibly close families, and really wanted to honor them in planning their wedding. They chose to have special touches throughout the wedding to honor loved ones and family members. Their officiant was Nikki’s uncle, They had Nikki’s maternal grandparents’ song as the prelude to the ceremony, they chose for their mothers to share readings during the ceremony, and wanted the entire day to feel like two families coming together. They also wanted the day to have a very natural, ethereal feel regarding decor and the vibe. Zach and Nikki love being outdoors and having an outdoor wedding and bringing in lots of natural elements while keeping things airy and romantic was really important to them.

The love story: “Zach and I have known each other since we were in middle school. We met at our very small towns summer carnival that is held each year. We had similar mutual friends and had all decided to go together. At a certain point in the night I saw Zach sitting by himself near the Ferris wheel, looking rather sad. Turns out he had been “dumped” by his first girlfriend, who was my sisters best friend. I offered to ride the Ferris wheel with him so he wouldn’t be alone, and ever since that moment, we’ve been the best of friends.
We never dated during high school or college, but we would go on “dates” to get dinner, see movies, or hang out. He was the person I would go to to share good news, and the first person I turned to in the most difficult of times. We were each other’s person since middle school, and even though there was always something else, something very special with us, we didn’t start dating until we were both in grad school. After a spontaneous phone call on Valentines Day, we decided to take a leap of faith and see if our friendship just might be the beginning of a relationship. We dated long distance for about a year during my graduate program, traveling between Philadelphia where Zach was getting his PhD and D.C. where I was in school getting my masters in counseling. After school we moved in together in Philadelphia and began our next chapter.
In October of 2015 Zach and I went to Ridley Creek State Park, one of our favorite places in Philadelphia area that we went to so many times during my trips up from D.C. our favorite spot was at the end of the walking trail by the waterfalls. We made our way down and Zach suggested crossing the water to a small “island” of rocks in the center to get better pictures. The water was freezing and deeper than we thought, so Zach carried me across the water to the center where the large rocks were. Getting there wasn’t too easy, and there may have been a fall involved. Once in the center of the river standing in front of the waterfall he asked me to marry him, and I instantly began crying and of course said yes to my best friend.”


When I asked Nikki what their favorite memories from their wedding day was, this was her response: One of my favorite moments was having my “first look” with my dad. That was one of the best moments of the day for me, being able to have that special time with him and getting to surprise him. I cherish the pictures from that time because it was something that turned out better than I could have hoped. Our ceremony was my absolute favorite part of the day. The service that my uncle gave as our officiant was so perfect and so “us.” It meant the world to us that he agreed to marry us and the message he gave was so personal to Zach and I it really made our day even more magical. The first dance was also an amazing moment to cherish the fact that we were finally husband and wife! Zach’s favorite moment was “seeing you walk down the aisle. It was perfect.”


Venue- Stone Mill Inn
Flowers- Dan O’Donnel from Blue Heron Florist
Music- Declan of Provolve Entertainment
Dress- Pronovias gown from Elizabeth Johns Bridal
Shoes- Bella Bride shoes
Suits- Jos A Banks
Photography- Meagan Nicole

Until Next time | Meagan

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Year In Review | 2017


Holy moly, it’s been a hot second since I’ve blogged! Let’s be real, it’s been like a year. WHOOPS. It feels so good to be back in action + updating my new site for you all! I wanted my first post of the new year to be our behind the scenes from our recent wedding season.

Reflecting back on all that the Lord has done in 2017 brings me to tears. First off we had the best intern/second shooter EVER and she goes by Morgan but I like to call her the sweetest dang thing since sliced bread. Morgan went above and beyond this year, tackling her first time photographing weddings like a pro. She fluffed dresses, held bags and more bags and phones and memory cards and flower bouquets (sometimes all at once – you’re the real mvp Mo), pinned on boutonnieres, got me drinks when I was about to pass out from the heat (not really, but really) and sooo much more. Morgan has morphed into this phenomenal, confident, assuring, helpful, eager wedding photographer and it has been the biggest blessing getting to play a small role in that.

2017 wrote the final chapter to an amazing journey. I’ve managed and grown with a team for almost 5+ years, and now going into 2018 I decided to scale down and go back to the roots of being an independent photographer. Julia has been with me since 2014 when she started out as an intern, and here she was in 2017 photographing her third full wedding season as a lead associate. I couldn’t be prouder of my girls + all of the memories and growth we experienced together.

Looking back over these images CRACKS me up. From testing locations/lighting, mirror selfies + selfies with the groomsmen.. it’s been a good year. From my first day back not knowing what the heck to wear to accommodate all of the pumping I’d be doing and feeling so swollen from nursing (literally so embarassed by that first outfit/hair choice. Black, always wear black Meagan.) to getting the hang of this mom life + work life down to a system and feeling like I could conquer the world. So dramatic, but so true. But really, I love seeing the evolvement that we’ve each gone through over the year.

We want to thank EVERYONE who hired us and entrusted us in 2017 to document some of your most treasured moments for you. We have been so humbled, honored and blessed to meet so many amazing clients turned friends.

Now, what you really came here for.. enjoy laughing with us.. or at us.. we won’t judge.

ALLLLLL of the love | Meagan


Assistant Photographers: Morgan Fatjo, Jordan Kreiser and Madeline Isabella

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The Next Big Step


When I was about 16 years old my high school held a career week. We had to schedule a few “shadow days” with different local businesses. I shadow’ed a local photography business who had a cute studio along Main Street in Lititz. It took all of an hour into shadowing them for me to make up my mind that I would never run my own business. HA. Life’s funny like that, or rather God is funny like that. Whenever I have a plan for my life or a certain way I think something is going to look like, He has totally opposite plans. And to this day, His plans have always been greater and better than my own.

There I was, a “wild + free” 19 year old girl with a crazy big heart and all the dreams when the Lord dropped Meagan Nicole Photography practically right into my lap. I had been working so hard towards joining a team, yet God persisted to keep growing MNP. I did a thing and started a FB page. You know, back in the days before Instagram. Friends booked sessions with me, and then there friends wanted to book me, and then there friends. I second shot weddings, which to be honest might have been like a total of 4 before, out of no where, people started asking me to photograph their weddings! I was like whuuut, you want me!? I did mentorships under local’s much more wise then I, and started to build my connections, but nothing ever lead to a team opening, instead it lead to people wanting to work for ME. I started getting emails from young girls asking me if they could shadow me or shoot with me. Everything fell into place and each year God would fill up my calendar with amazing clients and friends. My workload grew to the point of needing help, so I began taking on second shooters and interns. A few of the internships formed into team members. Then came hiring editors. Over the year’s I’ve had the pleasure of working with 15+ “employees” and taking part in helping other’s find their passion for photography and running their own business. And now here I am, a little over 6 years in the industry, who started out as a 19 year old girl in love with her camera to a now 25 (almost 26) year old wife + mama, with a seriously full heart of gratitude and joy. I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings, events, and portrait sessions. I’ve been blessed to travel to Israel, Mexico, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Philadelphia, and so many other surrounding areas. I’ve been blessed to lead and teach some truly gifted and special ladies who in turn taught me so much about myself. I’ve grown and learned so much from running this team.

Every Winter I pray to God and ask Him to bring whatever it is that He has for me to book. I ask him to align the wedding’s I am supposed to have and the people that I am supposed to meet. I don’t set a limit or goal for myself (for the most part), I just send out my pricing to every person who inquires for a date that I am available for and trust that God will work out the rest. Each year, my wedding season has progressively taken on more and more weddings. Going into 2017, I hadn’t had anything booked until May, which wound up giving me a 4 month maternity leave. Thanks to the big man up top for that one! Knowing I was about to have a baby boy I cut back on how many wedding’s I booked + of course, God worked it all out perfectly. I had just the right amount booked when I found out that I was pregnant so that I was able to work out my schedule perfectly to take on two weddings per month. I took on half of my normal amount this year and it has been great! This year has been nothing short of amazing. I still get choked up thinking about each and every couple who has entrusted me through out my career to capture one of the most special day’s of their lives.  The places it has taken me + the people it has brought into my path.

I’ve always thought that I would continue to pursue growing MNP, whether it be with more interns, more team members, a studio, or just more weddings! That’s still such a dream of mine, but early on this year I began to wrestle with God on that dream. Here I was again, with this idea and plan for my life and my business. And God began making it pretty clear that He has other plans in store. While I l o v e leading a team, I feel like I haven’t been able to give our team the time + attention it deserves to really BE a team.

Becoming a mama has filled my life in way’s that I never even knew existed. Owen Davis has set my heart on fire + I feel so clearly that I am supposed to put more of my focus and attention onto motherhood and raising my sweet babe (or babes, when that time comes)! I so badly want to be one of the girl’s who can do it all. You know, that girl who can run her booming business without breaking a sweat + master motherhood, all while keeping her house looking like a dime piece and running all those necessary (and sometimes unnecessary) errands, while still getting home in time to get a nutritious dinner on the table, fitting in the quality time you need with your hunny-boo and going to bed feeling accomplished. But it’s time to face the music and admit that I am not one of those girls. I get way too overwhelmed and anxious and constantly feel like something is being neglected. There aren’t enough hours in a day, no matter who you are! Am I right? Maybe I’m just too much of a perfectionist. But I think what it comes down to is that God has designed and wired us all differently + uniquely. I am realizing who God has created me to be, and realizing that it’s time to begin watering and sowing into that part of myself instead of trying to go against the grain and fit myself into a mold that I’m not meant to fit.

So, where does this leave Meagan Nicole Photography + our team? Beginning January of 2018, Meagan Nicole Photography will officially be just me, myself and I. A small, independently run business catering to portrait + wedding photography, specializing in keeping it real and using as my own little space to blog about life, motherhood, baby hacks, life hacks, recipes, collaborations, my photography.. and whatever doors the Lord wants to open! I am so excited to enter into this new season + to take a step back from running a team, to focus more on motherhood and my sweet Owen, while still pursuing my passion of photography, but on a smaller scale.

I can’t even explain the huge amount of peace that Julia, Morgan and I all feel. We all got chills over how cool God has been and how He’s completely lined everything up and continually provided so much confirmation for us through this process. We’re enjoying every last bit of this 2017 wedding season together and counting each and every blessing the Lord provided us in these last few years together.

MEAGAN: Photography is still such a passion of mine and I have no plans of givng it up! I will continue to book weddings for 2018, however dates will be on a more limited basis. My goal is to cut back on weddings and I’m hoping to begin booking more portrait + lifestyle/family sessions! Since I will be cutting back on how many weddings I book, this will allow for more time for portrait sessions/collaborations. If you’re planning a wedding, looking to collaborate, or want some updated portraits + are interested in booking me, head to the contact tab and send me an email! I’d love to chat with you.

JULIA: Julia will no longer be focusing on photography as her career and is excited to get back to loving photography as her hobby! She does hope to still book a limited amount of sessions and weddings for fun, on the side! These will not be booked under Meagan Nicole Photography, but will be booked with Julia individually. You can reach out to her at to chat about details, availability + pricing!

MORGAN: You can look forward to seeing more of Morgan next year as my second shooter for the few wedding’s I will have booked. I’m so excited to see where God takes her on her photography journey. If you’re looking for a second shooter next year, hit-a-sistah up! You can reach her at She’s been trained by one of the best. 😉 I’ve got a feeling Morgan will be around this creative community we’ve got going on here in Lancaster for the long haul!

*For those of you who have booked with Meagan Nicole Photography for the remainder of 2017 or for 2018, you will not be effected by these changes! Everything will remain the same in your MNP experience and we cannot wait to dance with you on your wedding day.

Now, let me be clear about a few things: nothing is falling apart, our friendships are stronger than ever, there are no riffs and we’re all super excited! This has obviously been such an emotional, hard decision for me as MNP and my team have been like my baby over the years. I have such a love for it + them + have found so much of my identity in this over the years. But I know that it’s time. While taking this leap of faith, I know I am following God’s plan for my life, and it has me SO ready + excited to see what He has in store. It’s going to be awesome.

All the love | Meagan Nicole ✨

*Please hang tight as this transition may bring on some construction/delays to our website + social media pages. I can’t wait reveal my new brand to you all!

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Here + Gone | A tribute to my miscarriage


 photo IMG_4546.jpg

A few weeks ago, waves of nausea hit me in an all too familiar way. Then came the cravings. And I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was pregnant with our second child. Seeing those positive test results felt like victory and shock all mixed in one emotion. Excitement and holy-crap-can-I-handle-this, mingling together like the tango. Two under two. 7 months post pardum and pregnant. We hadn’t been trying to get pregnant so this was totally unexpected, yet somehow anticipated. My husband always joked to our friends and family that we were going to pop them out one after another; we both want to have our kids close together. And here we were. Around 4 weeks pregnant. There was something so wonderful knowing that it was God’s plan and His timing over our own. That he made it happen even though we hadn’t intended it to happen. And just like that we started dreaming and preparing and envisioning this new life we were about to have. We told our families and recorded cute videos. Excitement bubbled up inside of me at the thought of when we’d announce it to the world and the shock/surprise everyone would have. Realizing that this could be my last pregnancy has me all sorts of sentimental already, jotting down idea’s for reveals and bump updates. We made appointments, took photos, started prenatal pills… and then came my trip to Target.

During my pregnancy with Owen, all that helped me feel better during those long 13 weeks of solid nausea was these magical little things called “preggie pop drops”. They’re basically just hard sour candy to suck on and they were my slice of heaven. Standing in the pregnancy section to grab some of those little saving graces, I realized something. I hadn’t felt nauseous for awhile. And as I tracked it, I realized it’d been two or three days of not feeling sick for the majority of the day except for a tiny bit at night before bed. This didn’t happen with my first pregnancy, so I thought maybe it was just the luck of the deal. Maybe I was further along then I thought? Maybe it would come back? Maybe it’s a girl, so my symptoms will be different then they were with Owen? But they say you get sicker with girls. Maybe I’m just not going to be as sick? Home with my “preggie pop drops” I went. Ya never know when the sick feeling may strike. On my way home from Target I remembered the day before we left for the beach, I had some slight cramping. This was before I has gotten the positive pregnancy test results. I remember I was worried that I was going to get my period the day before we left on vacation and praying that God would either have my pregnancy test results finally be positive (because the previous ones were negative) or hold off my period until next week. Anyone else make those selfish prayers time to time? Not a proud moment. The cramping was so light and sporadic and short that I didn’t think much of it, and then we got the positive pregnancy test results so I figured it was part of the pregnancy. We continued dreaming of this little brother or sister for Owen, tossing around ideas for names, and snickering behind closed doors about how badly we wanted to tell whatever friends we were hanging out with at the time.

Sunday evening came and I began to have slight spotting. This can be totally normal so I tried to not let it bother me, but I started to let my mind wonder off into the “what if” realm. What if something is wrong? What if I’d have a miscarriage? I’ve always worried about those things, even in my first pregnancy, but you never actually think it will happen. At least you hope not.

Sunday night before bed, all of those what if’s suddenly became real and I’m pretty sure I’m still in a state of shock. With one wipe covered in thick blood and cramping that came out of no where lingering consistently, I looked up at my husband with big eyes and we both shrunk our shoulders and sat in silence. Defeated and sad. We both knew. The realization that I was having a miscarriage hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember thinking, “well, I’m pretty positive that’s what this is, but let’s just see tomorrow.. let’s get to the doctors and maybe there’s still a chance..” … but then the blood got heavier and the cramps became solid and consistent and I knew I was losing our baby. We went to our OB right away in the morning and she did an internal exam which confirmed that I was bleeding more then they’d like to see, and through her kind and sympathetic words, she assured us I was having a miscarriage.

They sent me for blood work to determine if I needed to have any procedures or surgery. My husband and I just couldn’t find words to speak. Hugs and ‘I love you’s’ sufficed. We processed and asked questions almost aimlessly at the wind..Why did this happen? Do I have a right to be sad since it’s so early on? Did God not want us to be pregnant? What does this mean for our timeline? Did I do something wrong? Am I being selfish for being numb and heart broken? I already have one baby, shouldn’t I just be thankful? Is it really all ending just as it was getting started? How could my body betray me like this?

No matter where you’re at in life, it’s the weirdest/hardest thing and such a mix of emotions. A whirlwind. I feel like I got whipped up by a tornado and tossed around and spit back out. It feels like the world should stop. But things keep chugging along.
We got the results from the lab back and they said my HCG levels came back low which means that my body passed the cells/tissue on its own, so there wouldn’t be a need for any procedures (a silver lining), and that the miscarriage would most likely soon be over. One more round of blood work in a week to confirm the ending to this short lived journey.
My purpose in this post isn’t to seek pity or attention at all. It’s mostly to remember this pregnancy and honor it with its own form of a “birth story”.
I’m a pretty open book and I like people in my life to know where I’m at, and why I am who I am. These steps through life make up our journey. I believe in being real and sharing mine. I want to give our friends and family a heads up of what Caleb and I are currently walking through. It’s easier to write it here, in my safe haven of journaling, as it isn’t really an easy thing to just casually bring up during the “what’s new” portion of conversation. It’s also effected my response time to emails and clients and editing, so I’m asking for a little extra grace from all of you sweet people who’ve entrusted me with some of your most precious memories.
Questions still linger. Hurt is still real and we are feeling pretty raw. We are sad but hopeful for God’s plans over our future. We are okay, we are processing and maybe just a little more sensitive for now.
 I’m so thankful that I wasn’t further along then I was, and that I had my sweet baby boy to come home to and hold through the tears. I realize that my heart is able to mend a lot quicker then some who’ve gone through a lot worse of experiences than I have…
Through this, I’ve felt my heart break in all new ways for women who’ve experienced miscarriages and any form of loss. Any loss is devastating. I’ve realized that now. My OB told me how miscarriages are all too common but that it’s sadly not something many people talk about openly because they feel some sense of shame.. or depression..
It made me feel like a sunken ship inside that there may be women sitting alone out there, feeling alone out there, and feeling ashamed. ASHAMED. Unable to process through this with someone and unable to find healing or happiness. Please know, your loss matters. Whether it’s early or late or a false test or dwindling hope. To those women, the ones patiently waiting for their turn, the ones who had to birth their precious angels and say goodbye at the same time, the ones that are waiting for their rainbow baby, the ones with me who want to complete their family…
You are held and you are so loved. It’s not your fault and it’s not God being evil. Please know that He has the biggest plans for you and your family and though it might not look like we plan or envision, Gods good at being good, and He has every intent and plan to be good to you. Sometime’s there’s no rhyme or reason no matter how hard we search for an answer to our “why”.
Look for that goodness in the hidden places, and in the obvious ones. Look for it in the silence and through the tears and cling to His promises: He HAS plans for you, plans to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future. 💕
– Meagan
*I know some of you may be reading this and thinking some of that is easy for me to say because I haven’t been put through the ringer to the depths that some have. But hurt is hurt. Pain is pain. I know it comes in different magnitudes, but the beauty of it is that even though it might all look and feel different, we can relate with one another to some extent. And when you can relate, you don’t feel so alone. And maybe if you don’t feel alone, you’ll be able to find a silver lining and face another day. That’s my hope in sharing my story.

Eric + Jennie | Valley Forge | Engagement Session


As a photographer, I love bringing out elements of a couple’s natural chemistry. For some couples it may be more serious, romantic, goofy, fun.. and for Eric and Jennie, it was a happy, can’t stop smiling kind of connection. Our time together was all about capturing them in the gorgeous sunset, smiling and talking about their upcoming vows to one another. These two are so vibrant together and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding day this December!

Fun fact: they were my very first photography gig back from maternity leave and they will be my very last photography gig of the 2017 season! So you just know they’re all kinds of special. :)

xoxo | Meagan

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