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Owen Davis | In Home – Newborn Session


Everyone, meet my baby boy Owen Davis! He was born December 31st at 1:22am, 5lbs and 12oz. He’s changed quite a bit since this newborn session that I took when he was a week old in our home. I’ve been snappin photos of him left + right, so I’m sure you can expect to see some updated portraits coming soon!

I’m officially off of maternity leave and getting back into the groove of things. Hello emails + editing galore! Finding time in between my sweet boys naps has me all sorts of confuzzled since I was so used to being able to sit down and pump work out hours on end, whenever I felt like it! But alas, I’ve fiiiinally finished editing and now blogging his newborn session. Looking back at these images has been so much fun. I can’t believe how tiny Owen was! I did bare minimal editing to these images because I wanted to remember every little detail about him – the peach fuzz, the infant rash, tiny little scratches he gave himself because it was near impossible to clip his nails at first..all of it! I used an array of new muslin blankets I’d been gifted + collected, as well as hand knit blankets passed down from my mom and great grandma (that were once used on me)! It was so special getting to pass along these blankets, keeping them in the family and wrapping Owen up in them. He’s really taken to one in particular and I’m fairly certain it’s going to be “his blanky” through the years.

I went for a more minimalistic approach with these images, focusing on capturing all of the silly faces and expressions Owen made. Keep in mind, I literally just gave birth to a baby and wasn’t getting around the best, so it is what it is! But I’m super proud of how they turned out and love that I got to snap a few memories in between each setting when Caleb or my mom or family got to hold Owen and help me out. For all NB sessions, there’s always multiple milk breaks. You’ll notice a ton of “trying to nurse” photos – haha! In the beginning of his life, and well, let’s be honest, still to this day – when o-bear get’s hungry he’ll try and latch on to anything and everything near his face. Pacifier’s, shirts, blankets, hands, the chest of whoever is holding him.. it’s pretty adorable. Luckily he’s started learning better what actually gives him the goods.

You will also find some shots of our nursery that I worked tirelessly on through out my pregnancy! It was so much fun getting to be creative and piece together everything. We went with a modern, minimalistic woodsy theme! Bears and dears and natural elements galore. Links to everything below!


 photo blog001_18.jpg photo blog002_18.jpg photo blog003_18.jpg photo blog004_18.jpg photo blog005_17.jpg photo blog006_17.jpg photo blog007_16.jpg photo blog008_15.jpg photo blog009_15.jpg photo blog010_15.jpg photo blog011_15.jpg photo blog012_15.jpg photo blog013_14.jpg photo blog014_15.jpg photo blog015_14.jpg photo blog016_12.jpg photo blog017_12.jpg photo blog018_12.jpg photo blog019_12.jpg photo blog020_12.jpg photo blog021_12.jpg photo blog022_11.jpg photo blog023_11.jpg photo blog024_11.jpg photo blog025_11.jpg photo blog026_11.jpg photo blog027_11.jpg photo blog028_10.jpg photo blog029_10.jpg photo blog030_10.jpg photo blog031_10.jpg photo blog032_10.jpg photo blog033_10.jpg photo blog034_10.jpg photo blog035_10.jpg photo blog036_10.jpg photo blog037_10.jpg photo blog038_10.jpg photo blog039_9.jpg photo blog040_9.jpg photo blog041_9.jpg photo blog042_9.jpg photo blog043_9.jpg photo blog044_9.jpg photo blog045_9.jpg photo blog046_9.jpg photo blog047_9.jpg photo blog048_9.jpg photo blog049_9.jpg photo blog050_9.jpg photo blog051_9.jpg photo blog052_8.jpg photo blog053_8.jpg photo blog054_8.jpg photo blog055_8.jpg photo blog056_8.jpg photo blog057_8.jpg photo blog058_8.jpg photo blog059_8.jpg photo blog060_8.jpg

Shop’s + product direct links from Owen’s nursery listed below!


 photo blog061_8.jpg photo blog062_8.jpg photo blog063_8.jpg photo blog064_8.jpg photo blog065_8.jpg photo blog066_8.jpg photo blog067_8.jpg photo blog068_8.jpg photo blog069_8.jpg photo blog070_8.jpg photo blog071_8.jpg photo blog072_8.jpg photo blog073_8.jpg photo blog074_8.jpg

Sitch Family | Mini Session


I almost can’t count on one hand how many times I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Sitch family! If you haven’t already, meet Kody, Brianne, Karson and Payton. The sweetest little fam! Each and every time I photograph them it gets better and better. I couldn’t stop smiling/laughing like a goof at my computer while I edited some of these images! I just love how much Karson loves his little sister. The entire session he kept reaching over to hug her or kiss her hand or pull her along with him. This little girl is going to have one amazing protector. All those future boyfriends better watch out! Although little P can certainly hold her own. A few times she would push Karson away and be like “okay, okay already.. enough” .. hahah. Watching the brother and sister relationship forming is such a fun thing. Makes me so excited for our little guy to be born and have a sibling one day!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!


 photo blog001_5.jpg photo blog002_5.jpg photo blog003_5.jpg photo blog004_5.jpg photo blog005_5.jpg photo blog006_5.jpg photo blog007_4.jpg photo blog008_4.jpg photo blog009_4.jpg photo blog010_4.jpg photo blog011_4.jpg photo blog012_4.jpg photo blog013_4.jpg photo blog014_4.jpg photo blog015_3.jpg

Bonneau Family | Mini Session


This year has been such a fun round of mini sessions! It’s been so awesome getting to use the local lake we live on for the epic backdrop and scenery. This was my third year photographing the Bonneau Family and each year it’s so fun to see how the girls have grown and to catch up! Here are a few of my favorite’s from our session the other week. :)


 photo blog001_4.jpg photo blog002_4.jpg photo blog003_4.jpg photo blog004_4.jpg photo blog005_4.jpg photo blog006_4.jpg photo blog007_3.jpg photo blog008_3.jpg photo blog009_3.jpg photo blog010_3.jpg photo blog011_3.jpg photo blog012_3.jpg photo blog013_3.jpg photo blog014_3.jpg

Roberts Family | Manhiem, PA


I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing the Roberts family for three years in a row now, and each time gets sweeter and sweeter! That’s something I love about being a photographer. You truly get a chance to build relationship with people/clients. It’s unbeatable! It also totally brings a new level to photographing you, as I get to watch your family and story unfold over the years. I love it!

I’ve gone from photographing Henry when he was teeny tiny and they were just a family of three to last year when they grew to a family of four with baby Avanel’s newborn session and now some updated family portraits one year later. I can’t believe how much baby A and Henry look alike! Such a fun loving, sweet family this gang is. So excited to share their session with you all tonight!

Enjoy! | Meagan

 photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog004.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg photo blog008.jpg photo blog009.jpg photo blog010.jpg photo blog011.jpg photo blog12.jpg photo blog012.jpg photo blog013.jpg photo blog014.jpg photo blog015.jpg photo blog016.jpg

Horne Family | Middlecreek, PA

It’s that wonderful time of year when natural light photographers start photographing family sessions out the wazoo! I always love this time of year when wedding season slows down and comes to an end, and portrait sessions pick up with the cooler weather and holiday’s in the near future!

I’ve been photographing some of the most adorable families and can’t keep all these insanely cute photos to myself! I met the Horne family a few weeks ago and had such a great time capturing them together. Here are a few of my favorites!

xoxo | Meagan

 photo blog001_1.jpg photo blog002_1.jpg photo blog003_1.jpg photo blog004_1.jpg photo blog005_1.jpg photo blog006_1.jpg photo blog007_1.jpg photo blog008_1.jpg photo blog009_1.jpg photo blog010_1.jpg photo blog011_1.jpg photo blog012_1.jpg photo blog013_1.jpg photo blog014_1.jpg photo blog015_1.jpg photo blog016_1.jpg photo blog017_1.jpg photo blog018_1.jpg photo blog019_1.jpg photo blog020_1.jpg photo blog021_1.jpg



We’ve always had such a great turn out with our holiday mini shoots and look forward to them each year! This has been the busiest season yet for our team, so we decided to try something a little different! Normally we set aside 3-4 dates with a limited amount of spots open to book a mini session with us! This year we decided to offer a mini session package with dates available upon request based on our availability and at the location of your choice! We do have a handful of recommendations for great locations, but would love to use the location of your choice. All we ask is that it is within 20 miles of our home address.

This will be the perfect opportunity to get some new shots for Christmas cards, gifts, or just to spruce up the old facebook page! Details below! :)






To book, please email tori at or


 photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog004.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg

Zimmerman Family


The sweet Zimmermans were one of my favorite families to photograph to date. Ashlee and Galen recently welcomed their baby girl, Lincoln, to the world, and she will soon realize how lucky she is to have parents like them! And let’s be real- Haidyn is the most photogenic toddler around and (thanks to his mama) has some serious style! I was so glad to capture some of their early moments as a family of four! Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!




 photo 001-storyboard 2.jpg
 photo 003-storyboard.jpg
 photo 004-storyboard.jpg
 photo 002-storyboard.jpg
 photo 011-storyboard.jpg
 photo 013-storyboard.jpg
 photo 012-storyboard.jpg
 photo 014-storyboard.jpg
 photo 016-storyboard.jpg
 photo 017-storyboard.jpg
 photo 009-storyboard.jpg
 photo 008-storyboard.jpg
 photo 019-storyboard.jpg
 photo 018-storyboard.jpg
 photo 020-storyboard.jpg
 photo 021-storyboard.jpg
 photo 022-storyboard.jpg
 photo 024-storyboard 2.jpg
 photo 025-storyboard.jpg

Baby Avenell | Newborn Lifestyle Session | Manheim, PA


I realized that I never got around to sharing one of my all time favorite families/newborn sessions! This was a lifestyle session, in the Robert’s home. I am so obsessed with the rich architecture and beautiful wood interior’s. These guys know what’s up with style/design. Kelly had so many great little hats/bonnets, blankets and baskets. So great for newborn sessions! And how about the little booties she MADE with her very own hands? I can’t even.

When you’re planning for a newborn/lifestyle session, it’s best to plan for 2 hours (to allow for diaper changes, feeding, and swaddling when your little one isn’t feeling like sleeping/smiling) during mid afternoon so there will be pretty sunlight streaming through your windows. I’ve really enjoyed all of the newborn/lifestyle sessions that have been coming my way lately. I think it’s quickly becoming a specialty of mine that I favor!

It’s so hard to believe Avenell Josephine is going to be one year old soon! Time seriously gets away from me all too fast. I could go on and on about these images and how much I love them, but I think I will just let them talk for themselves. :)

xoxo | Meagan


 photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog004.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg photo blog008.jpg photo blog009.jpg photo blog010.jpg photo blog011.jpg photo blog012.jpg photo blog013.jpg photo blog014.jpg photo blog015.jpg photo blog016.jpg photo blog017.jpg photo blog018.jpg photo blog019.jpg photo blog020.jpg photo blog021.jpg photo blog022.jpg photo blog023.jpg

And one last one of this adorable new family of four because.. they’re the cutest!

 photo blog024.jpg


Daniel + Jenessa Seiz | Newborn | Lifestyle Session


The girls and I at Meagan Nicole Photography held a give away this past Spring and each drew a winner. I was so excited when Jenessa entered and won my portion of the give away! Daniel and Jenessa just welcomed their little Norah June into the world at 4:10pm on May 28h, 2016. These new parents have pure hearts of gold. I had so much fun photographing them in their most comfortable setting – their home! Jenessa is a girl after my very own natural colored lovin’ heart. Their house had the perfect colors and natural light in it for our session. Lifestyle sessions are quickly becoming my favorite because there is something so natural and effortless about them. I love to capture you in your most comfortable, natural environment.

Enjoy a bunch of my favorites from our afternoon together!

Meagan Nicole

 photo blog035.jpg photo blog036.jpg photo blog037.jpg photo blog038.jpg photo blog039.jpg photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog004.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg photo blog008.jpg photo blog009.jpg photo blog010.jpg photo blog011.jpg photo blog012.jpg photo blog013.jpg photo blog014.jpg photo blog015.jpg photo blog016.jpg photo blog017.jpg

Avery Alden | Newborn Lifestyle Session | Philadelphia, PA


Scott, Christen, Avery and Sunny.. the sweetest little family nestled in the most stylist house in Philadelphia. Seriously, I cannot get over the tall ceilings, white + brick walls, and allll of those long windows and dreamy natural light! It also doesn’t hurt that these two are interior design wizards. Scott actually does general contracting as a profession and I am all about having him come spruce up my home some time in the future! *Insert praise hands*.

I was beyond excited to photograph this lifestyle/newborn session! I have been photographing newborns and in-home lifestyle shoots left and right and I am LOVING IT. Nothing beats the authenticity that these types of sessions bring to the portraits. A fun fact about this session is that literally 45 minutes before I left my house to head to Philly, I found out that I was pregnant! It took all I had to keep it inside and not burst at the seems over all the baby talk Christen and I were having. Best way to kick off the baby fever-mama to be glow!

Avery Alder was born May 3rd, at 12:57am, 5 pounds 13 ounces, and 18.5 inches long. SO. TINY. He was just the cutest little thing to photograph. I am going to let these images speak for themselves, because sometimes, there’s just nothing that’ll beat it. :)

– Meagan

 photo blog001_2.jpg photo blog002_2.jpg photo blog003_2.jpg photo blog004_2.jpg photo blog005_2.jpg photo blog006_2.jpg photo blog007_2.jpg photo blog008_2.jpg photo blog009_2.jpg photo blog010_2.jpg photo blog011_2.jpg photo blog012_2.jpg photo blog013_2.jpg photo blog014_2.jpg photo blog015_2.jpg photo blog016_2.jpg photo blog017_2.jpg photo blog018_2.jpg photo blog019_2.jpg photo blog020_2.jpg photo blog021_1.jpg photo blog022_1.jpg photo blog023.jpg photo blog024.jpg photo blog025.jpg photo blog026.jpg photo blog027.jpg photo blog028.jpg photo blog029.jpg photo blog030.jpg photo blog031.jpg photo blog032.jpg photo blog033.jpg photo blog034.jpg