Hey, I’m Julia! My heart for photography has been based off of my love for finding beauty in ordinary things and places, as well as capturing memories in a creative and meaningful way. Those closest to me know that EVERYTHING is an opportunity for a photoshoot (and they should be ready at all times ;) ). It's been a joy to shoot weddings and be a part of making a bride and groom’s wedding day so special and memorable. Above all else, I want the people in my photos to feel confident and assured that their most cherished moments are being captured beautifully.

I am married to the most amazing man. Nate is my rock, my supporter, and my best friend. If there’s ever an opportunity for me to grow and challenge myself, he’s the one who’s lovingly pushing me along to try it. Aside from photography, I have a very real passion for music. Listening to it, playing it, singing along to it ( and by that, what I really mean is blowing out my vocal chords from singing Coldplay too loudly). Other things that I love? Piping hot coffee, DONUTS, re-watching episodes of The Office, and forcing people to play Monopoly with me (looking at you, Nate).

My faith is very important to me and also part of what gives me the courage to push myself out of my comfort zone in all aspects of life, but especially with photography. My heart is for this career and all that comes from it to be an act of worship. I’m so blessed to be doing what I love and what gives me life. After all, we were MADE to be creative! The Lord has been so faithful and I truly believe some of the biggest adventures are yet to come!

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