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Michael & Jamie


Jamie is my good friend, Taylor’s sister, so when she contacted me about shooting her and Michael’s wedding, I was stoked. Tyler came along to help capture the day at a family friend’s house where the wedding and ceremony took place. It was a super relaxed day centered around celebration and the circus. Oh yeah. Such a fun and special day to be apart of!

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This is Everett and he has the best laugh. I first met Everett in elementary school and he has always been such a character. In high school, we were some of the few people who took French, so we were in the same class every year. We always got along because neither of us knew what the heck was going on. Everett’s mom and I are quite close and when she called about his photos, I was all over it. He was less than pleased to be posing in front of the camera, but we were able to squeeze out a few smiles.


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This is Mikayla and a sweeter girl, I don’t think there is. She’s a current senior at Hempfield high school, a cross country runner and probably the biggest Ben Rector fan there ever was. The night there photos were taken, Mikayla took me to an entrance of Lancaster County Park that I never knew about. It was pretty stinking cool. We also climbed in and over a ton of branches, deep into the woods only to see that we were blind and had missed the trail, but we didn’t mind because the sun was awesome and pouring through the trees. Check out or adventure!

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Brandon and Sarah


Brandon and Sarah are two of the calmest, sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The entire day felt so laid back and enjoyable. It was my first time shooting at the Carlisle Ribbon Mill – such a beautiful place! We absolutely loved the urban meets chic feel to the interior and exterior. A big open warehouse with brick walls, big windows, lovely wood.. such a perfect host for Sarahs vintage, chic, soft wedding details. Man, those details. It was so hard to pinpoint some of my favorites because there were literally so many.

My second shooter Rebekah Viola and I have been waiting to share this wedding with you – it is definitely one for the books! Brandon and Sarah, thank you so much for inviting us into your wedding and having us capture such sweet memories for you. The way you interact with one another is so beautiful to witness.. for real. I couldn’t stop smiling so much that my cheeks hurt at the end of the night and I even shed a few tears during the ceremony. #honesttimewithmeg

Hold on to your seats, you’re about to witness a gorgeous bride, a handsome groom and a VERY memorable wedding.

Talk Soon,

Meagan Nicole

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Jenna & Alec

Meet Jenna and Alec! Jenna and I have been best friends since fifth grade (crazy, huh?) and I really just love her. I always say that everyone has that one friend that they are just really crazy and weird with and well… Jenna is mine. Jenna and Alec have been dating for about three years now they are just about the coolest couple. At the end of January, the three of us flew South to soak up some sunshine and to visit Jenna’s parents who recently moved to Sarasota, FL. I was the designated third wheel of the trip and it was awesome. One of the nights, we took an adventure to Siesta Key beach, a favorite of Jenna’s family. We took some fun photos,  walked the beach, talked about weird things, laughed until we tinkled and finished the night with some homemade cheeseburger soup! Here are some of my favorite images from our night and a little something at the end for a good laugh. ; )


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Justin and Alyssa


I’ve known Justin and Alyssa for quite some time now. Some of you MIGHT recognize them as the firrrst ever photo-shoot I posted to my first, original website! They were not only great models + a great couple then but still to this day. I am so excited to be shooting their wedding in May! It’s gonna be an all around amazing time. I actually went to high school with both Justin and Allyssa for a few years which makes photographing them even more fun! I’ve literally known them for so many years now – Alyssa and I used to call one another our “twin”. I remember so many cheerleading practices together and pizza runs in Lititz, or watching her go all out on her karaoke machine that I was completely jealous of at the time. HA!! I’ve known Justins family for a few years now as well since we went to school with a few of his cousins! His dad is an absolute riot so I am definitely expecting a brilliant speech at the wedding. This couple is one of a kind. I love them together and will most definitely be shedding some happy-tears May 16th. I couldn’t be more extatic to be their photographer and capturing these moments for them. We had quite some interesting run-ins during this shoot, but I think it was totally worth it to say the least. I mean.. LOOK AT THAT SUN + THOSE FACES.

Chow for now,

Meagan Nicole

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I’d never met Heather before but I’d seen her face so many times through mutual friends and social media. I was super excited when she contacted me about doing her senior portraits because I knew she was a super sweetheart with a big smile and kind heart. I couldn’t get over her adorable big brown eyes and perfect, thick hair! That probably sounds weird but, girls you know what I’m talking about.

We did two different shoots within one day- first half in downtown Lancaster City and the second half in a local, random field by my house. The sun was literally perfect and we just couldn’t stop snapping away. Love when that happens! Shoutout to one of her best friends and one of my go-to assistants Adelle- you rocked that whiteboard girrrrl.

Until next time,

Meagan Nicole

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Meet my sweet buddy, Hannah. I first met her on a mission trip to Chambrun, Haiti and right away knew we would be friends. Hannah is super blunt, absolutely hysterical, crazy talented at anything art related and quite the adventure junkie as well. Hannah and my new friend, Emily came along for the shoot and they introduced me to what they call “the projects” aka Middle Creek. When we arrived, I’m not going to lie, my life was immediately changed, it was seriously the perfect night for photos. Hannah and Emily are super close and sometimes come to Middle Creek and sit wrapped in blankets and talk about whatever, so when they asked for a few photos of the two of them wrapped up on their favorite spot, I was all over it! Here’s a recap of our night at the projects!

Tori R.

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Alexandra is a senior in high school and completely comfortable in front of a camera. We had so much fun walking around one of my favvvorite spots chasing the sunset and enjoying the crisp October air! When Alexandras mom told me she was pretty photogenic and interested in modeling I was super pumped, and reality did not disappoint. She was such an easy subject to photograph! I’m pretty sure her images can speak for themself. Alexandra- you are such a sweet spirit..thanks for hiring me to take your senior photos!

If you’re a senior this year or going to be a senior next year- hit me up!!! It’s never too soon to book. 🙂

Meagan Nicole


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Schantz + Lapp Families


I first met the Schantz family through my fiance, Caleb. His best friend Kent has a brother named Randy (who is married to Anna). Anna and I had gotten to know one another through facebook/IG and then later on some of Calebs campfires. We bonded over our mutual appreciation for photography; well, and their super adorable daughter Mela. Anna contacted me to do a family/maternity session for them AND their best friends .. the Lapps (Tim, Morgan and Noah)! I was a little anxious about how this was going to since I’d never done two separate families at once before but holy cheese balls was it amazing. Both families were so laid back and fun! And on top of that the weather was beyond picture perfect. The trees mixed with the warm sun glowing My happy place. Mela and Noah are basically destined to get married.. and I’m pretty sure they’re already boyfriend + girlfriend in the cutest, most innocent way possible.

I think my favorite part of the session was when Noah leaned in to give Mela a kiss and she leaned back like “WHATCHU DOIN dads watchin”. But then a second later changed her mind and let him kiss her (maybe dad was looking away then)- HA! These people were such a joy to be around! It makes my job so awesome when the families are so fun-loving and keep me on my toes with their jokes and down-to-earth attitudes. I honestly didn’t want the night to end .. and that’s always a good thing! Enjoy!

Meagan Nicole

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