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Luke and Holly


Being a part of Luke and Hollys wedding last year was such a great experience! I’ve worked along side her sister Heather (who is also a photographer/blogging extraordinaire) for a few years now! So when they contacted me about being their wedding photographer I immediately knew it was going to be a blast and couldn’t wait! Luke and Holly are so full of life! We got tons of happy/silly faces, jumps for joy, strong hugs, loving kisses and crazy dancing shots. It was pretty wonderful. They were both super ecstatic for any photo and idea we had which made my job AWESOME. They’re big smiles made the entire day so relaxed and fun. Everything was literally perfect, from the colors to the weather to the decorations to the people. PERFECT.

I am so eager to share these images with you! I had a ton of favorites so this might be my longest blog post yet. Never a bad thing. Holly had requested bare-editing to the images, so we did just that. I definitely have my own editing style but I love to cater to my clients and their desires! So.. let us know what you think!!!!

Now it’s time for me to begin prepping for the first wedding of the season that just so happens to be THIS Saturday! WHOO! Be sure to follow both Tori and I on INSTAGRAM to keep up with our behind-the-scenes and sneak-peeks from this years season! You can find the links to our individual IG accounts on the tabs “About Meg” + “About Tori” above!

Meagan Nicole

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David and Yvette


It’s Fridaaaaaay! And before I head off to enjoy my full weekend ahead, I thought it’d be fun to share an engagement session I shot the other week with you! Meet David and Yvette, a soft-loving, caring, fun couple! They are two of the sweetest souls, EVER. Tori and I had such a blast tromping through the snow with them joking, talking, laughing and trying not to shiver too much. But no doubt, they beat the cold with their warm, happy romance! These images are some of my favorites. As well as the couple. I am literally jumping in my seat for their June 21st wedding. 🙂

Until then, enjoy my favorite shots from their engagement session!

Meagan Nicole

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New: Photo-albums!

I am so excited to announce that Meagan Nicole Photography is now offering something super cool and fun .. PHOTO ALBUMS! Recently we’ve began designing high quality, custom designed photo albums! All albums are leather and come in a variety of colors to choose from. We aren’t a fan of flimsy, thin pages so all of our books provide sturdy, matte finish paper. You tell us what images are your favorite via dropbox, smugmug, image numbers or facebook and we create the layout and piece it all together! Since we want the book to be exactly how you envision and include all of the happy memories you want it to, we offer up to four previews/revisions. Prices begin around $200 and vary according to the size + the amount of pages/images you desire.

Who doesn’t love a hip, personalized album to flip through while chatting over coffee? It also spices up your end tables or magazine pile. I’m a fan. 🙂

One of our favorite weddings shot in Philadelphia from 2012 contacted me about a month ago to begin the process of creating a book. Here is a preview of the album that just came in the mail today! It’s an 10×10 book with around 60 pages. We went with the color “spice” which I am loving.

What do you think.. Ready to order your own!?

Meagan Nicole 

 photo blogboard001-66.jpg
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Matt and Ali


It’s pretty safe to say I drive away from this photo-shoot grinning ear to ear. Ask my assistant Bethany, cause she was beaming as well. We both couldn’t get over how positively ADORABLE, fun and loving Matt and Ali were. They reminded me so much of the type of people my friends and I hang out with so we instantly connected and had a great time walking around Middlecreek talking and laughing and discussing their up-coming wedding! The sun was perfect and so was the bond between these two love birds, I seriously didn’t want to put my camera down. 🙂

Enjoy some of my favorites! I’ve been saving them to blog on the new site, so I’m super excited to share them with you finally!

Meagan Nicole


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Jess is pretty much the cutest. We first met as little fifth graders, when we were on the same softball team and have been friends through the years! Jess is one of those people that no matter the amount of time between seeing each other, we always just pick up right where we left off. She’s one of the biggest Disney fanatics there ever was (aside from her sisters) which is also probably why we all get along so well. I love Jess because she’s not afraid to be goofy and completely ridiculous and also because she gets my movie references. Over Christmas break, we headed out for an impromptu shoot! Check out How cute she is!

 photo storyboard015-2.jpg photo storyboard016-2.jpg photo storyboard017-2.jpg photo storyboard018-2.jpg photo storyboard019-2.jpg photo storyboard020-2.jpg photo storyboard021-1.jpg photo storyboard022-1.jpg photo storyboard023-1.jpg

Nate and Julia

Nate and Julia are such a fun couple! From their sweet instruments to their hearts after God, they’re on point. Speaking of on point.. THIS LIGHTING. Man, it was a gorgeous night for a photo-shoot. We met up at my all time favorite spot and enjoyed the sunny October evening. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our time together.. Enjoy!

Meagan Nicole

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Launching Promo!


We are so thrilled to finally be sharing everything we’ve been working on the past few months. A fresh new website, logo(s), colors, brand and content/images! Oh.. and a fraaaking AWESOME team member- Tori Raads! Before you go scrolling through the deep vortex of our brand spankin’ new blog..let’s take care of some business! In honor of all the excitement we had a little special offer going on while waiting to launch the brand new MNP!

1. You had to “like” the select images posted on our Facebook fan-page.
2. Three winners were selected. Tori and I are feeling generous (and slightly over-joyed) so we decided to select three winners for EACH of us! Making six winners all together! WHOO!
3. The three (well six) lucky winners receive one of the following: 10, 15 and 20% off a session or wedding!
4. The coolest part.. YOU CAN GIFT YOUR WIN TO A FRIEND! If you know someone reaaally wanting to book a session or a fun couple planning a wedding, this is the perfect opportunity to help them out.

We put all the names in one of our favorite white + gold mugs, tossed it around and picked out the names! So let’s get to the stuff you’re all waiting for.. the WINNERS!

Meagans Winners: 1. Kara Horning (10%), 2. June Antes (15%), 3. Tawanda Snyder (20%)!

Toris Winners: 1. Sierra Woodworth (10%), 2. Courtney Keller (15%), 3. Amy C. Martin (20%)! 

CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited you all entered and helped to make this new launch so special for us. We had over 76 entries and that is super cool. Y’all rock! If you’re a winner just head to our “contact” tab and give us a shout to claim your win! *Please select which photographer you won through, under the “photographer” tab on the contact form. Thanks!

Meg + Tori


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