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When I was four years old my parents gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever been given – the joy of having a little baby sister. Ever since she’s been my protector, “tester”, playmate, best friend and now maid-of-honor. Having her in my life definitely helped make me who I am today and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She’s got a spunky-quick-witted-humor, unbelievable dance moves, a passion for film and cooking/baking, and has a head of beautiful luscious locks (just to name a few of her wonderful traits). It’s crazy how fast time flies and how much Breanna has grown into a young, smart, talented, beautiful woman. From learning how to ride her first bike, learning how to wear makeup, to watching her go out with her first boyfriend, get her first job and driving around with her license in her first car. It’s an honor to capture this big year in Breanna’s life and I am so stinkin’ excited to see where the future takes her and what doors she will open.

This session leaves me smiling VERY big. The sun was on point, Breanna looked amazing and it was my first time photographing at my fiance and I’s house property! I could go on photo excursions here for days. So in love with these images and so pumped to be sharing them with all of you!

Until next time,

Meagan Nicole


 photo blog001-29.jpg
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 photo blog003-25.jpg
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*Breanna liked the purple flowers because it reminded her of our Nanny who passed away last September. Very sweet.
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 photo blog013-19.jpg
 photo blog014-17.jpg
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 photo blog016-14.jpg
*Can we just make note of how awesome this photo is that I caught of Breanna the moment she thought she heard a snake. HA!
 photo blog017-15.jpg
 photo blog018-14.jpg
 photo blog019-13.jpg
 photo blog020-11.jpg
 photo blog021-12.jpg
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 photo blog023-10.jpg
 photo blog024-10.jpg
 photo blog025-7.jpg
*And we just HAD to get a few of Breanna in her famous converse + gages.

Tori Moves To Orlando!


Y’all might have seen some talk of our latest team member Tori moving to Orlando, Florida and we wanted to officially share the exciting news with you! At the end of May Tori is packing her bags and taking off on an incredible dream come true. One of her longest life goals was to be a Disney princess. If you’ve known Tori, you know that she is super bubbly, kind-hearted and sweet, loves to sing and dance, and has the best goofy sense of humor- all of which makes for a perfect Disney Princess. About a year ago Tori had been given the opportunity to try out for Disney to be cast as one of their theme park characters and low-and-behold.. SHE GOT THE JOB! Tori has been contracted for one year to be Disneys TINKERBELLE! The character fits her so perfectly, we can’t even believe it. It’s something that’s always been on her bucket list and literally the opportunity of a lifetime. We still have a few more weeks left with our Raaadical Radick and they will be jammed pack with some amazing weddings and adventures. You can keep up with all the lastest buzz on our Instagram Feeds (*links to each are in our bio pages).

Fear not, Tori will still be on the team here at MNP and is now booking sessions in Orlando, FL until she moves back home next year! If you know anyone in that area don’t hesitate to recommend them Tori’s way! We are so excited about the opportunities and connections this will create!

Along with this big switch up we have some other exciting news coming your way next week so keep your eyes peeled for the blog post!

Meagan and Tori

 photo bm_tinkerbelle_DMM2520M_minimural_2.jpg

Dylan and Nina

Are you all ready to feist your eyes on two of the most beautiful, photogenic people in the world!? Dylan, Nina and I went to middle school + high school together, graduated together and have been close friends ever since. Anytime I’ve needed models to test out new ideas and shots on they’re my go-to couple. Dylan and Nina had secret crushes on each other all through our school career and finally began dating our senior year. And the rest is history. It’s been a high-school-sweetheart-love-story as they took off to college together and have now graduated and began their careers together in Pittsburg! Dylan is the sweetest guy and so perfect for Nina. My heart burst when Dylan told us he was going to propose and getting the text of Nina’s big smile the night it happened.

Anyone who knows Nina knows you can expect 24/7 goofy faces, weird voices, and random-spur-of-the-moment dance moves coming at you from every angle. I think Dylan has learned how to keep up with her spunk quite well. Together they’re beautiful, full of love, down-to-earth, determined, passionate, kind, and un-stoppable. I am beyond blessed to be their photographer and capture the day they say “I Do”. (Which just so happens to be two weeks after MY wedding! WHOO!)

Now go ahead, begin the drooling process over their gorgeous images..

Meagan Nicole

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