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Chris and Bethany


I am so excited to share these images with you all! Bethany has been one of my best friends ever since 8th grade when we met on the school bus and started going to school together (so like, 10+ years). We also happen to be neighbors, fellow-country-lovers, girls-night-fanatics, hiking/adventure partners, AND.. one anothers bridesmaids. Beth is like a sister to me and has filled my memory jar with countless funny, serious, crazy memories. I’m pretty sure she knows more about me than anyone else; she’s become one of those people to me that you hope are always in your life. We’ve been through hook-ups, break-ups, and make-ups with one another.. we’ve seen each other at our worst with guys and at our best. We’ve laughed together, and cried together. Being through all of that together makes it all the more sweet to see someone you care so much about FINALLY getting their “fairytale”, their Mr. Right, their true love. I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of this.

When Chris started talking to me about his proposal plans I wanted to have a giggle-fest with Beth (but obviously couldn’t)! The minute she texted me the exciting news I pretty much exploded! I don’t think I could’ve kept the happy news a secret from her much longer! Chris, you’re such a sweet, hard-working, kind, humble, loyal, trust-worthy, loving man! Those characteristics shine through you with only a few times of hanging out. I truly believe that the way a man treats a girl is reflected in how she carries herself – and I have never seen Bethany more happy, confident, alive and glowing than she is now with you in her life. I can’t wait to get to know you more throughout the years. Bring on the married-double-dates!

We started off our session at the farm Bethany boards her horse at and finished up on the farm that Chris and his family owns/runs. The sun was magical and I couldn’t have asked for cuter subjects to “shoot”.

Bethany, you got your southern-country-cowboy-cutie you’ve always prayed for! YAY! Enjoy these images I captured from our time together!

Meagan Nicole

 photo blog001-39.jpg
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Chris and Rebecca

Chris and Rebecca tied the knot on a sunny, bright day in Philadelphia! We started out at their new apartment with the girls which was AMAZING with all of it’s open white walls + natural light. Rebecca’s vintage inspired dress was so dreamy and beautiful, I couldn’t get enough of it. They held their ceremony and reception at “2424 Studios” which was so urban and cool with all of the exposed brick and big windows!

 My second shooter Maddie and I had such a great time adventuring all around the town photographing/getting to know Chris and Rebecca. It felt like we were photographing celebrities the way pedestrians would stop and stare, holler, whistle and wave their hands at the newly married couple.

Chris and rebecca are both such sweet people and compliment one another so well. It was a joy to be a part of their special day! Here are some of my favorite images from their day!

Meagan Nicole

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About three weeks back, a very handsome boy flew down here to Orlando for a visit and well, I was just about the happiest girl. Thinking back to our week, I remember our trip to Cocoa beach, exploring Downtown Disney, all of the meals that we attempted to cook, getting caught in an intense storm, the large amount of ice cream we consumed and our adventures in general but beyond that, I don’t remember much. I came across a quote the other day that read, “we were together and I forget the rest,” and that pretty much sums it up. My favorite memory from the week was our visit to the cute little food trucks in downtown Kissimmee. Tyler ordered arancini and I got chicken dumplings with a bed of edamame. We had both been picking from each dish and then I noticed Ty spitting in the grass and almost gagging. Turns out, no one had ever shown him how to eat edamame from the pod and he had been not only chewing on the outer shell, but the empty ones I had already “slobbered on” and piled up. Obviously one of us thought this was way more funny than the other.

Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my new home with you, Ty. Here us a quick snip of Tyler’s visit to Orlando!



 photo storyboard027-1.jpg photo storyboard028-1.jpg photo storyboard029-1.jpg photo storyboard030-1.jpg photo storyboard031-1.jpg photo storyboard034-1.jpg photo storyboard035-1.jpg

July 4th, 2014 – Personal


This week I thought I’d share something personal with you! I had rented the Canon 5D mark iii (the most glorious camera on earth) this past weekend for a wedding. I figured I’d take advantage of having it and document my July 4th for fun! It was such a fun, relaxing day filled with warm sun, happy souls, and fun memories. A huge way to my heart is cookouts, swimming, campfires and fireworks. Prrrobably why July 4th remains to be one of my all time favorite holidays.

My fiance Caleb and his dad flew to Ohio a few weeks ago and literally filled their entire plane jammed pack with all kinds of sweet fireworks. Since our towns local fireworks had been post-poned due to rain the day before, we decided to set off our own show! So we invited a few of our close friends and both our families, laid out in the field and watched all the men set off a great show for us. We were laughing at how all guys seem to gravitate towards anything that has to do with flames + danger. Listening to their conversations and strategies while setting off the fireworks made it even better.

It was an awesome day. Here are some of the shots I took throughout my July 4th! How did you spend yours!? 🙂

Meagan Nicole

 photo blog001-37.jpg
 photo blog002-36.jpg
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Cody and Sierra


Cody and Sierra were such a dream to photograph! Sierra is an aspiring photographer, and one of the few I’ve met that are super comfortable both behind AND in front of it. She contacted me to take some fun photos of her and her boyfriend back when I was running a mini-shoot promo. All of Sierras thrifted suitcases, cameras and accessories were the perfect combo for this vintage-styled shoot. Cody was such a sweet-heart, you only have to be around him for a few minutes to pick up on his genuine, kind, good-hearted personality. They duo compliment one another perfectly which is good because.. THEY JUST GOT ENGAGED! We were literally talking about their future plans at the shoot and then a few days later on FB I see the announcement! Cody must have been peeing his pants in excitement knowing he was about to propose while Sierra and I were having a girl-talk moment about it. I gotta give guys props- I don’t know how they are so good at keeping it a secret because I’m pretty sure I’d be bursting at the seems or doing some crazy dance to keep myself sane while people are asking me if an engagement is in the works. But then again, I suck at hiding my excitement/keeping secrets, ha ha!

Enjoy these vintage styled photos!

Meagan Nicole


 photo blog001-36.jpg
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Drew Blackwell

If you aren’t familiar with this adorable little face by now, let me introduce you again. This is my little cousin Drew! He also is going to be one of my ring bearers at my wedding in two months! It’s been so fun photographing him over the last few years. I have so much love for this little guy my heart could burst. He’s basically the cutest, smiliest, most chill baby boy you will ever meet. I mean really, I don’t know how they are going to keep the girls off of him. ha ha!

I snapped these photos of Drew in his backyard a few weeks ago early in the morning! The lighting was awesome and Drew was easy-going as always. Which is your favorite image?! I had a hard time choosing. 🙂

Meagan Nicole

 photo blog001-35.jpg
 photo blog002-34.jpg
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Amanda and Trey

A few weeks ago I had the priviledge of photographing one of my sisters best friends Amanda and her son (who just turned TWO), Trey! Trey is your typical little boy – spunky, adventurous, playful and always a little dirty from wanting to dig and play around in the mud; S’cute! I can already tell Amanda is going to have her hands full with girls batting their eye lashes his way when he gets older. Akron park has become a favorite of mine! The sun mixed with the pond and wide open spaces were perfect for this session. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our time together.

Meagan Nicole

 photo blog001-34.jpg photo blog002-33.jpg photo blog003-30.jpg photo blog004-28.jpg photo blog005-25.jpg photo blog006-23.jpg photo blog007-22.jpg photo blog008-22.jpg photo blog009-23.jpg photo blog010-22.jpg photo blog011-22.jpg photo blog012-22.jpg photo blog013-22.jpg photo blog014-20.jpg photo blog015-20.jpg photo blog016-17.jpg photo blog017-18.jpg photo blog018-17.jpg

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