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Leigha and Alex


Its kind of crazy the way I have been able to get to know Leigha. I first met her when I hopped on a plane to audition for my adventures at Disney and we instantly clicked… and by that I mean I let her borrow my phone charger. Ha! Leigha and I talked our nerves out through the whole audition process and spent our time together goofing around and enjoying the whole experience. Towards the end of the audition, we got separated and I never got a hold of Leigha’s information. Little did I know, I would see her sooner than I thought. Fast forward a few months, I was getting ready at work, putting on my makeup, and I heard a door open. Naturally, I looked to see who was walking in and it was LEIGHA! Can you believe it?! Crazy how small this world really is. About 2 weeks ago, Leigha and I ventured out to take some head shots. Her boyfriend, Alex came along and ended up hoping in for a few photos too!

Here’s a few of my favorite images!


 photo storyboard001-8.jpg photo storyboard003-7.jpg photo storyboard004-7.jpg photo storyboard005-5.jpg photo storyboard006-5.jpg photo storyboard007-4.jpg photo storyboard008-5.jpg photo storyboard009-5.jpg photo storyboard010-5.jpg photo storyboard011-5.jpg photo storyboard012-4.jpg photo storyboard013-4.jpg photo storyboard014-4.jpg photo storyboard015-5.jpg photo storyboard016-5.jpg

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