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Joe + Rachel | August 26th, 2017 | Stoltzfus Homestead + Gardens, PA |Wedding



It’s been a long, long time since I’ve shared a wedding on here! I had a full 2017 season, most of which never got published because life took over with a new baby and a house renovation and all the things. But now that I’m getting back into the swing of things and hoping to book a few weddings for 2019-2020, I figured I’d make the I’M BACK announcement by finally blogging a few of my favorite weddings that I never got to share with you!

I’m kicking it off with Joe + Rachel’s warm August wedding day. It was a celebration of not only a marriage, but a family becoming one. Joe took in Rachel’s son as his own and read vows to him during the ceremony, ending with the sweetest embrace and wet eyes all around. It was so special being a part of this day. The way Joe and Rachel included Alex was just so neat to see.

Every detail was so effortless + beautiful, from the dress to the florals, to Joe’s amazing blue suit. If you’re looking for some great Summer wedding inspo – look no further!

Until next time | Meagan

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Owen Davis | TWO YEARS OLD!


It’s pretty crazy to think that I am officially a mom of a TODDLER. Life has changed so much in 4 short years. I keep referring to things as “a couple years ago” or “Oh yeah, just the other year”.. or “not that long ago”, but when I sit back and actually do the math I realize time has gone by way quicker than I realized. Like, I graduated from high school 10 years ago this Spring, WUT. How do these things happen!? It feels like it was another lifetime and yet I still feel like my early 20’s were just a skip and a hop behind me.

But here I am, a mama to the moodiest, silliest, most loving little boy and the sleepiest, smiliest little baby girl. Through all of the upds and downs, life has dealt me the kind of hand that you look up to the Heavens and have nothing to say but “Thank You”.

In honor of Owen turning T W O, I dusted off my camera from maternity leave and turned our daily trip to the mailbox into a fun little photo opportunity (don’t mind the snotty/runny nose + chapped face – poor thing has had his molars coming in for whats felt like weeks at this point). He also loves climbing on mama’s bed and jumping/playing. It was so fun having no intent for these images other than to capture him at this age, in all of it’s constantly on the go, tantrum-one-minute, laughing-the-next glory.

A note to my son: My sweet, sweet boy. You exude pure joy + love. Two years of loving you; I can’t even remember a life without you. As you’ve grown and become a big brother the care taker in you has come out. Whether it’s Kinsley or your little friends or mama, you’re quick to give hugs and kisses and rubs on the back and usher people around. You’re the pickiest eater but the best sleeper! You’re obsessed with the movie Cars (1 + 3), and your favorite toys are trucks/trains/tractors/cars, etc. You’re in 18-24 month clothing, but still fit in some 12 month things (). Your little hiny is content in size 4 diapers and your feet are size 5 in shoes. You talk constantly and make up your own language especially when you sit and flip through books. You love to say everyone’s names and recently learned how to say “bull dozer” + “purple”. You try to repeat everything now and are learning and changing by the week. I thank God every day for giving you to us. I pray you live life with passion and never stop making all of your silly faces and finding delight in making others laugh. I also hope you never lose the ability to laugh at yourself like you do when you watch videos of yourself back.
Raising a boy who will one day be a man is a true honor and something I pray about often. I’m so glad I get to maneuver through it with you. Happy Birthday, I love you Owen Davis! ♥️

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