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I am so excited to be sharing this birth with you all. Birth photography is something I am going to be sharing more and more of here. I fell in love with as I was pregnant with my son, Owen. I began following a lot of mama blogs + IG accounts and the realness that mother’s were showing encaptured me. Women often say to me, “why would I want to look back and remember that!?”… I think what I love about it is that it’s REAL. It’s not posed. It can’t be! Each story is it’s own and is completely perfect in it’s own way because it cannot be imitated or re-created. It’s YOUR story.  A lot of moms will say that they don’t even remember half of their labor because they were so out of it and that I captured moments they wouldn’t have even knew had happened, especially as the years go past. This is such a huge event in your life! Whether you keep it for your own eyes or choose to share it with others close to you. People are often worried that it’ll ruin the intimacy of the labor or take away from their privacy or experience. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Your labor and delivery will always remain sacred and intimate as my goal is just to be a fly on the wall and non-intrusive. You don’t even know I’m there. 🙂

People have been asking me why I chose to pursue this and the truth is I just love it all – the faces, the blood of a miracle coming into this earth, the stretch marks, the undone hair, the sweat, the way a women conquers something she never knew she could, the nurses/family/team that cheer you on, the honest embraces and euphqorical moments. You guys, there is beauty in the real. In the untouched, un-posed and un-styled. Coming from photographing weddings were everything is about perfection and trends and being styled with expectations, which don’t get me wrong, I still do love! But there is just something about the honesty there is in birth photography.

I immediately knew I wanted my own labor and birth photographed. There is something so beautiful in those raw, empowering moments. The female body you guys – it’s no joke. It deserves a freaking medal! After giving birth to our first child Owen, over the course of the late nights + long, sleepy days, I often went back to our birth photos to relive that best moment of my life. The hours that I conquered, the moment I heard Owen’s sweet little cry for the first time and saw his scrunched up, cute little face; when his skin touched mine and his little finger wrapped around my husband’s hand. That moment in time that my husband and I had never felt so connected and in love. To this day I take trips down memory lane with our birth images, and they take me right back to those moments that I never want to forget. Especially the ones that I was too out of it to even realize had happened – like my husbands face as I labored, his hands supporting me, my mom reading scripture over me, the time on the clock as I approached each stage of labor, my doula coaching us and praying over us, the steam from the oils diffusing across the dimmed lights and worship music playing. Each image takes me right back and I love that I’ll have those forever as my baby grows and becomes a man. I love that I have those images to share with him and his babies some day.

I am so honored that Austin and Sarah allowed me to document their birth story for them and share some of it with all of you. I’ve been building my portfolio this year with 4 birth’s (two photographed, two to come). I’m slowly working on getting together a pricing package + adding a portfolio on this site of mine! My plan is to book 1-2 births a month in 2019 once I am off of maternity leave. I cannot wait to see where this journey goes!

Sarah is wonder women. In fact, I think I told her that multiple times through her labor!  She smiled, laughed, and embodied patience, strength and serenity through out the entire natural labor and delivery. Even once she hit transition and was into the thick of it, she seemed so peaceful! Austin was the best support, constantly encouraging her, running water over her back through the contractions, holding her tight or helping her stand, whatever she needed he was there. The two created such a beautiful, spiritual, love filled environment kissing one another and holding onto one another through the early morning. Sarah’s mother also was there so help her through labor and rub her back and help the couple however they needed. Sarah labored in the water for most of her time, but she was able to catch some rest in the bed for a little bit, as well as use the shower for some water pressure and rock on a birthing ball. After all of her hard work, she delivered a precious little girl – Austynn Serene, who has the fullest head of brown hair.

XO | Meagan

* I do not share anything without permission and am selective about what I share publicly out of respect for my clients. There are no obligations to share your birth images through my contract.

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