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Heather + Nora | “Mommy and Me”


I have all but one date booked for the mommy and me sessions I offered for July + August and man oh man does it make my heart SIIIING! I am having such a blast venturing around, capturing all of these cute bonds between a mother and her children! Over the weekend I photographed Heather and Nora here at Speedwell Lake (one of my favorite spots to photograph). The weather was heavenly! This barefoot duo twirled the night away laughing and picking flowers and it. was. magic.

XO | Meagan

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Erika + Emory | Mommy + Me Session


HOW CUTE ARE THESE TWO!!? To answer the question on everyones mind – this location is a private property owned by Erika’s uncle.. I know, I know – it’s AMAZING. But what truly made these images pop aside from the location + the gorgeous weather was this mommy and son duo who vibrate all the fun loving feels. Emory is just about to turn the big O N E and it’s been so awesome to watch Erika rocking out this whole motherhood thing. It’s been so much fun having them as play date friends! Scott, Erika’s husband surprised her with this session for Mothers Day and luckily we saved it for the most perfect evening. 🙂

I had so much fun doing this session that I’ve decided to offer $100, 30 minute “mommy + me” mini sessions for a limited time through August! Spots are limited so head to the contact tab above and reach out to schedule yourself a spot! Things to expect: sunshine, cuddles, giggles + any location you want! I also have 2 blue confetti cannons and a bubble machine we can use during your session for the first two lucky clients to book! Let’s get creative! 💛✨💛


XO | Meg

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Dan + Caitlyn – Maternity Session


A few weeks ago I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Dan and Caitlyn’s maternity session on the softest, warm, glowy evening here in Lancaster. Fast forward to this week and I am anxiously on stand by watching my phone for the call that this little boy is making his debut! The life of a birth photographer is one I am truly falling more and more in love with. And after witnessing how sweet Dan is to Caitlyn, how strong of a bond they share and how their interactions between one another are so uplifting and natural – it makes me so confident that this birth story is going to be nothing but a blessing to be a part of. 🙂

xo, Meg

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Brent + Andrea | A Whimsical Winter


Friends, meet two of my long time favorites, Brent and Andrea Daugherty! I’ve known Andrea for more years than I can count on one hand, and I had the absolute joy of being their wedding photographer on December 9th, 2012 in The Duck Keys, Florida. It was my first real wedding season, and my first destination wedding! I made the trip with my first ever intern, Kristen. Andrea and I have been friends ever since and she has witnessed so many “first’s” with me. It’s crazy to think that she’s been along on my journey from the very beginning, and I on hers!

Andrea started out second shooting in late 2013 with me and I’ve been egging her on to pursue her passion and calling in photography ever since because it’s so clearly a calling over her life! I’ve been so, so excited to see her start her own business “One Thirty Nine Photography” this past year, and now officially take it full time! I’ve photographed Brent and Andrea a few times since their wedding, sometimes just for fun and sometimes for anniversary sessions! It’s so fun getting to swap sessions with one another, and have that go to friend who just gets you and the way you want to be photographed.

We just knew we had to plan a fun styled shoot in honor of Brent and Andrea’s 4 year wedding anniversary! We envisioned something “bad ass”, in bare woods, dead of winter and glamorous. We had so much fun collaborating with some seriously talented vendors. Demi Green was the magic behind the makeup + Rent The Runway gets all the credit for the amazing gold sequenced dress + Tara of Splints and Daisies created the most perfect floral arrangement that tied everything together with a cherry on top! We photographed along 322 in Brickerville, at “Thousand Steps” which is a great hiking/adventuring spot. We probably ended up with the coldest day of the year yet, but these two totally rocked it. I am so obsessed with these images!

Happy Anniversary Brent + Andrea! Thank you for your many years of friendship, business, support and memories. Cheer’s to a new season and adding our soon to be new little member to our clan. 🙂

xoxo | Meagan





 photo blog065_3.jpg photo blog066_3.jpg photo blog067_3.jpg photo blog068_3.jpg photo blog069_3.jpg photo blog070_3.jpg photo blog071_3.jpg photo blog072_3.jpg photo blog073_3.jpg photo blog074_3.jpg photo blog075_2.jpg photo blog076_1.jpg photo blog077_1.jpg photo blog078_1.jpg photo blog079_1.jpg photo blog080_2.jpg photo blog081_1.jpg photo blog082_1.jpg photo blog083_1.jpg photo blog084_1.jpg photo blog085_1.jpg photo blog086_1.jpg photo blog087_1.jpg photo blog088_1.jpg

Brandon + Marilyn | Maternity Session


Last week I got to photograph Brandon and Marilyn, who just so happened to be one of the very first wedding’s I ever photographed in my first wedding season! I was so excited when Marilyn contacted me that they are expecting their first child! They’ve opted to not find out the gender which I think is so great. I totally wish I had the will power to do that with my pregnancy, ha! Either way, their little babe is bound to be the cutest little thing with the best eyes. I mean look at these two!

We used a local Christmas tree farm “Elizabeth Farms” for this mini session and it was the perfect back drop and colors paired with the perfect weather. Enjoy a few of my favorites!!

Happy Thursday! | Meagan

 photo blog001_7.jpg photo blog002_7.jpg photo blog003_7.jpg photo blog004_7.jpg photo blog005_7.jpg photo blog006_7.jpg photo blog007_6.jpg photo blog008_6.jpg photo blog009_6.jpg photo blog010_6.jpg photo blog011_6.jpg photo blog012_6.jpg photo blog015_5.jpg photo blog014_6.jpg

Meet Morgan!


 photo blog001_2.jpg 
 photo blog002_2.jpg photo blog003_2.jpg photo blog004_2.jpg photo blog005_2.jpg

We are so excited to announce our 2017 Second Shooter Intern “Morgan Fatjo”! She is as sweet as they come and we just can’t wait to spend every wedding weekend with her, getting creative and helping her grow in her photography knowledge/experience! When we first started taking applications, Morgan was one of the fist to apply. After meeting and getting to know her more and more, Morgan was a seamless fit. At our most recent team meeting she surprised us with home made macroons. I mean, if that doesn’t give you an idea of how awesome she is.. 🙂

You can look forward to seeing a lot more of Morgan around here! She’ll be starting in April and second shooting every wedding with us for the 2017 wedding season. She’s a newly wed, eager, smiley, and loves her dear little kitten Julep. To get to know her some more, stalk her social media accounts and give her a follow!


Give her a sweet welcome to our team in the comments below!

xoxo | Meagan + Julia

 photo blog006_2.jpg


Lance + Justine | Speedwell Forge, PA


Back when my husband and I were looking for our future home, I had one desire. That it would be on or near beautiful land that I could use for photography sessions! Well, we lucked out big time. Speedwell forge is surrounded by state game land filled with loads of hiking trails. And it gets better. A year after we moved in, the lake was refilled! HEYO! We have enjoyed biking, hiking, and kayaking along speedwell and love our little area we live in so much. Getting to use it for sessions this Fall has been so much fun! The reflections in the lake are like none I’ve ever seen.

When Nate and Justine hired me to do a 6 year anniversary session for them, I knew this would be the perfect spot! Justine and I have been “social media” friends for quite some time, but FINALLY got to meet in real life for this session, and I have a feeling we will be seeing lots more of one another over coffee and laughs in the near future! She was even so sweet to drop of a bag of goodies for me and our little baby boy on my doorstep. This girl is the real deal. A one of a kind gem! And Nate pairs with her perfectly with his genuine smile and kindness. What a power couple!

It was such a blessing to photograph them. Enjoy a handful of my favorites from the evening!


 photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg photo blog008.jpg photo blog009.jpg photo blog010.jpg photo blog011.jpg photo blog012.jpg photo blog013.jpg photo blog014.jpg photo blog015.jpg photo blog016.jpg photo blog017.jpg photo blog018.jpg photo blog019.jpg photo blog020.jpg photo blog021.jpg photo blog022.jpg



We’ve always had such a great turn out with our holiday mini shoots and look forward to them each year! This has been the busiest season yet for our team, so we decided to try something a little different! Normally we set aside 3-4 dates with a limited amount of spots open to book a mini session with us! This year we decided to offer a mini session package with dates available upon request based on our availability and at the location of your choice! We do have a handful of recommendations for great locations, but would love to use the location of your choice. All we ask is that it is within 20 miles of our home address.

This will be the perfect opportunity to get some new shots for Christmas cards, gifts, or just to spruce up the old facebook page! Details below! 🙂






To book, please email tori at or


 photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog004.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg

Micah | Senior Session


Micah is a senior at Lititz Christian School, and eagerly waiting for graduation to make her big move to .. ALASKA! This girl is super driven, adventurous and sweet. I can only imagine all of the exciting things she’s going to embark on in her lifetime. Micah chose to go with our deluxe package, which offers two, one hour sessions (either on the same day or split into two separate days). This is such a great option for all you girlies out there who want to be able to style your hair differently (the daily struggle of curly vs straight is a real thing- ha!).

Micah split her sessions into two days, which was super fun. She went with a more natural, curly look for her woodsy session because she is a total nature lover. We photographed around Speedwell Lake for these. For her second session she wanted to go with something a little more edgy and urban. We photographed in some back alley’s of Lititz for this vibe. Her outfits were the perfect picks for each location.

Here are a few of my favorite shots that we captured!

xoxo | Meagan


 photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog004.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg photo blog008.jpg


 photo blog009.jpg photo blog010.jpg photo blog011.jpg photo blog012.jpg photo blog013.jpg photo blog014.jpg photo blog015.jpg photo blog016.jpg photo blog017.jpg photo blog018.jpg photo blog019.jpg photo blog020.jpg photo blog021.jpg photo blog022.jpg photo blog023.jpg photo blog024.jpg photo blog025.jpg

Josh and Carolyn| Wrightsville, PA


Every time that I get to photograph at Lauxmont Farms I am on cloud nine. This venue has so many different location options with rolling hills, horses, water, and scenery beyond scenery. You might remember Josh and Carolyn from this past January.. my blizzard wedding! If you missed it, have no fear! You can view HERE. A kind of fun tid bit: Carolyn was pregnant at their wedding on January 23rd, and had their little bundle of joy on July 9th, 2016! And now, one year later I am due with MY little man on January 20th. Last year I was shooting a wedding in a blizzard, and this year I will be giving birth to my son. Hopefully NOT in a blizzard, ha! Life is just too cool sometimes.

Since their wedding day got a little switched around with the pregnancy and blizzard, Carolyn and Josh decided to have an intimate wedding in January, and a big ole party with all of their friends this past May. We couldn’t stop laughing over their luck with weather. First they had their wedding on the COLDEST day of the year, and then their reception landed on our first HOTTEST day of the day. It goes to show that no matter how unpredictable life is, these two are the kinds of people you want by your side in those  moments. Josh and Carolyn never seemed phased. They were always so laid back, friendly, warm and fun. I’m a big fan of these two!

Also, this was the first wedding of the year that I photographed (knowingly) pregnant, so I’m going to blame it on the hormones, but does this food not look amazing!? I’m pretty sure I was like “GIVE ME ALL THE CHEEESE” to Jordan, my assistant for the day. And a taco bar? How fun! Love when couples fill their events with personable, fun touches.

Here are a few of my favorites from my time with them at their reception this past Spring!

Warmly | Meagan

 photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog004.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg photo blog008.jpg photo blog009.jpg photo blog010.jpg photo blog011.jpg photo blog012.jpg photo blog013.jpg photo blog014.jpg photo blog015.jpg photo blog016.jpg photo blog017.jpg photo blog018.jpg

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