Megs Bridal Shower


This Sunday my mom and sister threw me a surprise bridal shower! I knew I was having the bridal shower, but I had absolutely nothing to do with the planning so I had no clue what to expect or who would be coming (although seeing random pieces of thrifted china and table clothes hidden around the house was getting me very excited!). It was more beautiful than I could’ve imaged and exactly what I hoped for. So many lovely faces came that I wasn’t expecting which made it all the sweeter. The theme was an outdoor garden party! My mom made her famous chicken salad recipe, a blueberry-raspberry-strawberry fruit medley, and greens with an olive oil lemon dressing (the one they use at Tomato Pie) YUM! The vintage dresser held two baskets- everyone brought their favorite kitchen spice or  cleaning item (which went in the awesome, wooden hamper my nana gifted us to the right of the dresser)! I loved the date night jar. Everyone wrote down date ideas on popcycle sticks for Caleb and I. We’ve been enjoying reading everyones recommendations.. especially the hilarious X-rated ones. haha!

If you’re wondering why my face looks so crazy in the opening-gifts photos it’s because we were playing the bubble gum game! Previously my sister had asked Caleb a bunch of random questions that he gave his answers to. While opening gifts, I was asked these questions as well and had to try and answer the same as Caleb did. For every question I got wrong I gad to put a piece of gum in my mouth. I actually did pretty good but still wound up with a few wads of gum, whoops. I never thought I could get tired of bubble gum until Sunday. HA! This was such a fun and exciting day! Huge thank you’s to my mom and sister for pulling it all together and getting so creative.. I know how much work and thought you put into everything to make it perfect for me and it means so much! To each and every lady that came to the party- you all made me feel so loved and blessed! Thank you for celebrating this time in my life; Caleb and I are beyond thankful for all of the amazing gifts and well wishes you showered us with. 🙂

*Beautiful cake by Wendy Hess at Oregon Dairy Bakery!

**All photographs taken by my amazing friend Rebekah of Rebekah Viola Photography! Thank you so much for capturing these memories for me.

Meagan Nicole

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