Dylan and Nina


Are you all ready to feist your eyes on two of the most beautiful, photogenic people in the world!? Dylan, Nina and I went to middle school + high school together, graduated together and have been close friends ever since. Anytime I’ve needed models to test out new ideas and shots on they’re my go-to couple. Dylan and Nina had secret crushes on each other all through our school career and finally began dating our senior year. And the rest is history. It’s been a high-school-sweetheart-love-story as they took off to college together and have now graduated and began their careers together in Pittsburg! Dylan is the sweetest guy and so perfect for Nina. My heart burst when Dylan told us he was going to propose and getting the text of Nina’s big smile the night it happened.

Anyone who knows Nina knows you can expect 24/7 goofy faces, weird voices, and random-spur-of-the-moment dance moves coming at you from every angle. I think Dylan has learned how to keep up with her spunk quite well. Together they’re beautiful, full of love, down-to-earth, determined, passionate, kind, and un-stoppable. I am beyond blessed to be their photographer and capture the day they say “I Do”. (Which just so happens to be two weeks after MY wedding! WHOO!)

Now go ahead, begin the drooling process over their gorgeous images..

Meagan Nicole

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