Jenna, Hannah and Sarah


These girls were so much fun to photograph! Here at Meagan Nicole Photography we’ve decided to offer a special deal: BEST-FRIEND SHOOTS! 30 minutes, $50. It’s proven to be super fun and people end up with some sweet new Facebook profile pics with their closest friends! How could you say no to that!? Jenna (the one with the sweet glasses and signature bun) is a budding photographer herself and we’ve followed one another on Instagram for awhile now. When she contacted me to set one of these sessions up I was super pumped! We met up at a local park by my house and had a blast laughing and photographing beautiful friendships. Jenna, Hannah and Sarah – friendship is so crucial and special. Keep a tight hold on it, cherish it and keep being the fun-loving, smiley girls you are. (:

Meagan Nicole


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