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Danielle- Styled Shoot


Let us just begin by saying that if you don’t know Danielle, you need to know Danielle. A few months back, we started dreaming up a whimsical shoot along the Susquehanna and were pumped to have Danielle on board. With our vision in mind and our cameras in tow, we made the journey to our photo destination and had a ball. Let us also tell you that this little lady is a genius in front of a camera. We’re talking like beyond genius actually. She even face-plants it gracefully. We know this because it’s probable we witnessed this. Sorry, Danielle, we love you. We finished our shoot with a muted golden hour and candle goodness, hellllllooooo (insert praise hands.) Danielle also agreed to go in the water which was colder than we don’t even know what because it was just that cold. We were so thankful for our night together and can’t wait to share our images with you!


Tori and Julia


 photo storyboard093.jpg photo storyboard094.jpg photo storyboard095.jpg photo storyboard096.jpg photo storyboard097.jpg photo storyboard098.jpg photo storyboard099.jpg photo storyboard100.jpg photo storyboard101.jpg photo storyboard102.jpg photo storyboard103.jpg photo storyboard104.jpg photo storyboard105.jpg photo storyboard106.jpg photo storyboard107.jpg photo storyboard108.jpg photo storyboard109.jpg photo storyboard110.jpg photo storyboard111.jpg photo storyboard112.jpg photo storyboard113.jpg photo storyboard114.jpg photo storyboard115.jpg photo storyboard116.jpg photo storyboard117.jpg photo storyboard118.jpg photo storyboard119.jpg photo storyboard120.jpg photo storyboard121.jpg photo storyboard122.jpg photo storyboard123.jpg photo storyboard124.jpg photo storyboard125.jpg photo storyboard126.jpg photo storyboard127.jpg photo storyboard128.jpg photo storyboard129.jpg photo storyboard130.jpg photo storyboard131.jpg photo storyboard132.jpg photo storyboard133.jpg photo storyboard134.jpg photo storyboard135.jpg photo storyboard136.jpg photo storyboard137.jpg photo storyboard138.jpg photo storyboard139.jpg photo storyboard140.jpg photo storyboard141.jpg photo storyboard142.jpg


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