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Drew + Tucker | Brother Session | A Day In The Park


Drew and Tucker are two of the cutest little boys, and I’m not just being biased because they’re my cousins! I love when I get to photograph them and how they’ve grown each year. They’re so adventurous and silly. Drew has a pocket full of funny faces he likes to whip out, and Tucker is obsessed with digging in the dirt, picking grass and eating sticks. We had such a fun afternoon playing at Longs Park. Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!

– Meagan

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Drew and Tucker – Newborn + Lifestyle Session


My cousins make the cutest baby boys! Drew and Tucker are going to be such heart throbs. I absolutely love photographing real moments and real emotions. That’s the awesome thing about lifestyle sessions. I stand back and let life happen and capture life happening; fruit-snacks-in-hand-newborn-cries and all. I love it! Life is un-replaceable. Talking about life, is it just me or is this baby boomers circa 2015!? IT’S AWESOME. I love babies! I don’t get to do much of newborn portraiture but when I do, I’m in heaven. Tucker (at the time) was only about a week old and calm as a clear blue sky. His dad plays softball so I thought it would be fun to get creative and use his worn mitt in some of the shots – I love how they turned out. What do you think?

xoxo, Meagan Nicole

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