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Roberts Family – Lifestyle Session


The Roberts are seriously a family walking right out of a J. Crew ad, am I right!? So photogenic, stylish and good looking! And to top it off, they were just about the sweetest people I have ever met. Can we just be like, family or something? I had so much fun walking around their GORGEOUS property around sunset this past Winter photographing them. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy styling and posing photos but there is just something amazing about sitting back and being the silent eye that catches the real life happenings. Candids: unposey and real. My motto. Lifestyle sessions are becoming more and more relevant and it makes me so happy!

Dancing in my chair (literally – I just updated my iTunes playlist) with excitement to share these images with you all! What do you think!?

xoxo, Meagan Nicole

*Photographs taken December, 2014

 photo blog001.jpg
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Amanda and Trey


A few weeks ago I had the priviledge of photographing one of my sisters best friends Amanda and her son (who just turned TWO), Trey! Trey is your typical little boy – spunky, adventurous, playful and always a little dirty from wanting to dig and play around in the mud; S’cute! I can already tell Amanda is going to have her hands full with girls batting their eye lashes his way when he gets older. Akron park has become a favorite of mine! The sun mixed with the pond and wide open spaces were perfect for this session. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our time together.

Meagan Nicole

 photo blog001-34.jpg photo blog002-33.jpg photo blog003-30.jpg photo blog004-28.jpg photo blog005-25.jpg photo blog006-23.jpg photo blog007-22.jpg photo blog008-22.jpg photo blog009-23.jpg photo blog010-22.jpg photo blog011-22.jpg photo blog012-22.jpg photo blog013-22.jpg photo blog014-20.jpg photo blog015-20.jpg photo blog016-17.jpg photo blog017-18.jpg photo blog018-17.jpg

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