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Cassi & Tim


I met Cassi on my first day of Disney training and it’s really quite comical to see how our friendship has evolved.The first day that we ever hung out, we went to the Millenia mall where I told her of this trick I had just learned while buying underwear. I was told to wrap it around your neck and that it will be sure to fit so I proceeded to test out this theory right there in the Victoria’s Secret. As I am doing this, Cass walks away, both red in the face and hysterically laughing. After about 30 minutes of not being able to find her, I was convinced that I had been ditched. After what seemed like an eternity, I ended up finding her and told her that I thought I had been left because she figured out how weird I was and then she proceeded to laugh even harder. I’m not sure why, but meeting Cassi, I felt completely comfortable and myself from the start, making weird jokes and all. As it turns out she liked it, and now she’s my roommate and stuck with me. Oh and in case you were wondering, the underwear trick is a success! You’re welcome. Cassi’s boyfriend, Tim came for a visit and we all took a trip to Lake Eola park in downtown Orlando. It was a pretty fancy place with a city line view and swans and DUCKS galore so I was in heaven.

Check out these two lovebirds and our adventure!


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