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Matt and Ali – July 5th, 2014


I was looking forward to photographing Matt and Ali’s wedding day ever since their engagement session. They’re the kind of people I immediately felt a connection with; anyone probably would. They’re kind hearted, warm, fun, adventurous.. the list goes on! I wanted to burst out and say “can we be best friends!?” but thought I better not scare them off ..(play it cool meg, play it cool). Their wedding day was nothing short of beautifully and amazingly awesome. Is that too many adjectives?

This country-chic wedding took place in the woods (yyyyyesss) at Rocky Top Lodge – hands down one of my favorite venues to date. The rustic camp-cabinesque vibe and sun soaked woods made for some beyond dreamy images. Creamy colors mixed with bold navy blue and lavender purple hit the spot. Ali poured her heart and soul into their big day and all of it’s details. It was so evident in how relaxed the entire day felt as well as how wonderful everything came together. This couple loves one another and they love their family. It was so neat to witness them honoring Christ, family and each other in special moments of the day. One of my favorites was when Matt came down from the arbor to walk Ali up the stairs, and he took a minute to not just hug but embrace each parent. They also had their parents read a letter/blessing during the ceremony which provided many tears, smiles and laughter. Matt was so attentive and eager to see his bride, it was adorable. The anxious/overwhelming sense of love and excitement made this day so memorable. It also (obviously) made me SO excited for my own wedding (which was just a few months later). Ali was so sweet and welcomed me with a “you’re next!!!” hug. I just love these two.

I’m a huge campfire lover so you know I was all about the bonfire they had on the yard after sunset with the sound of laughter and dancing fading into the night. Katherine (my intern at the time) and I had such a great time photographing this special, special day and couldn’t be happier to share it with you all. Whose ready for this summer time sunshine!? Makes me so excited for all of the 2015 weddings coming up.

Meagan Nicole

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