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Chris and Bethany


I am so excited to share these images with you all! Bethany has been one of my best friends ever since 8th grade when we met on the school bus and started going to school together (so like, 10+ years). We also happen to be neighbors, fellow-country-lovers, girls-night-fanatics, hiking/adventure partners, AND.. one anothers bridesmaids. Beth is like a sister to me and has filled my memory jar with countless funny, serious, crazy memories. I’m pretty sure she knows more about me than anyone else; she’s become one of those people to me that you hope are always in your life. We’ve been through hook-ups, break-ups, and make-ups with one another.. we’ve seen each other at our worst with guys and at our best. We’ve laughed together, and cried together. Being through all of that together makes it all the more sweet to see someone you care so much about FINALLY getting their “fairytale”, their Mr. Right, their true love. I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of this.

When Chris started talking to me about his proposal plans I wanted to have a giggle-fest with Beth (but obviously couldn’t)! The minute she texted me the exciting news I pretty much exploded! I don’t think I could’ve kept the happy news a secret from her much longer! Chris, you’re such a sweet, hard-working, kind, humble, loyal, trust-worthy, loving man! Those characteristics shine through you with only a few times of hanging out. I truly believe that the way a man treats a girl is reflected in how she carries herself – and I have never seen Bethany more happy, confident, alive and glowing than she is now with you in her life. I can’t wait to get to know you more throughout the years. Bring on the married-double-dates!

We started off our session at the farm Bethany boards her horse at and finished up on the farm that Chris and his family owns/runs. The sun was magical and I couldn’t have asked for cuter subjects to “shoot”.

Bethany, you got your southern-country-cowboy-cutie you’ve always prayed for! YAY! Enjoy these images I captured from our time together!

Meagan Nicole

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