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Kirk and Courtney – Lifestyle Session


Photographing two beautiful people in love is one thing, but photographing two beautiful people in love who have a passion for creativity and art is a whole new level of awesome. Kirk and Courtney have quickly become two good friends of mine ever since we first met when they hired me two years ago to photograph their engagement session in the Summer of 2013, and their wedding later in September 2013. Courtney later started doing some part time editing for MNP and our bond quickly grew from “hey, you’re cool” to “hey, let’s be friends”. Kirk also happens to be a super talented graphic designer and I was lucky enough to have him design/print some stationary for my wedding this past September! Part of my payment to him was a creative-swap which included a styled shoot. I was so blessed by their generosity and creativity. Kirk, Courtney and I met up at Mount Gretna this past Fall and walked around the Jigger shop and all the cute little summer homes there. We had so much fun talking and laughing about our newlywed experiences as we walked around and found some fun photo ops. I had such a great time with these two and am so excited to be sharing these photos with y’all!

Happy Wednesday!

Meagan Nicole

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