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Lance + Courtney


Two weeks ago, when the sun FIALLY decided to make an appearance, Lance and Courtney met me in Downtown Lancaster for their engagement session! We had such a fun time walking around downtown. We started out at the newest coffee shop “Passenger Coffee” which has the most beautiful aesthetic. Lance and Courtney are truly best friends, and they make anyone hanging out with them feel like their friends. I didn’t want to stop hanging out! That’s always a great feeling to have with clients.

I can’t wait for their October wedding this Fall! Until then, enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement session!


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Tuesdays With The Team – V. 4


If you’re a Lancaster native, you’ve most likely heard of the awesome new cafe that’s gone in downtown called “Passenger Coffee“. We held our team meeting there yesterday and couldn’t get enough of the amazing atmosphere, delicious coffee + super friendly staff! White on white on white made our photography lovin’ souls go all heart eyed. We rate this new beautiful place with 5 stars!

Here are some quick iPhone snaps we grabbed from our time together!

Meagan, Tori and Julia

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I’d never met Heather before but I’d seen her face so many times through mutual friends and social media. I was super excited when she contacted me about doing her senior portraits because I knew she was a super sweetheart with a big smile and kind heart. I couldn’t get over her adorable big brown eyes and perfect, thick hair! That probably sounds weird but, girls you know what I’m talking about.

We did two different shoots within one day- first half in downtown Lancaster City and the second half in a local, random field by my house. The sun was literally perfect and we just couldn’t stop snapping away. Love when that happens! Shoutout to one of her best friends and one of my go-to assistants Adelle- you rocked that whiteboard girrrrl.

Until next time,

Meagan Nicole

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