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Year In Review | 2018


Well, this years recap blog post is going to be much shorter than previous years! At least photo wise, ha! Going into 2018 I took a step back from shooting weddings to focus on motherhood and my pregnancy. Caleb and I dove into shooting with one another which was so much fun! He photographed with me before a time or two, but we took this year to really refine his knowledge and practice his camera skills and decided to make him my full time second shooter. I love working along side my best friend. It was really cool to see how we complimented one another’s differences. We had 5 weddings booked for 2018 but wound up only being able to photograph one of them due to my pregnancy. We had the rest covered by some amazing photographers who stepped up to help me in a pinch.  I had originally planned to shoot through my pregnancy like I had when I was carrying Owen, but things went totally different this time around and my plan didn’t pan out how I expected. Pregnancy was SUCH a dream and miracle I am forever in awe of and thankful for. We have the two, happy, healthy babies we always dreamed of growing our family with and now I am so excited to focus on raising them and jumping back into the world of photography a bit more!

It was so awesome getting to shoot that wedding with Caleb and we can’t wait for the few we have coming up in 2019! We are feeling so refreshed and ready to get creative together. Caleb launched his own drone business this year and had the opportunity to photograph a few local events as well as assist our friends at K + A FILMS on a wedding day. I am so pumped for the drone footage he will capture at the weddings we have coming up this year, one of which just so happens to be at the very venue we said “I DO” at almost 5 years ago!

Speaking of the one wedding we photographed together, it just so happened that our very first session of the year was the engagement session to the wedding we were able to photograph (*photographed below)! It was so neat forming a relationship with Sean and Kim at the very opening of our 2018 season and then getting to see them through to their wedding day.

Outside of that, we took on a house renovation (blog post to come with before + afters), photographed a hand full of lifestyle and family sessions (some of which we got to bring Owen along with to see his buddy Maverick – photos below!) and I photographed four births! I officially joined the team over at Village Birth Collective and plan to continue booking labor/delivery photography services going into 2019! I am so excited to be a part of this group of women who are so caring and passionate about their clients.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year and we couldn’t be more thankful for each and every bit of it.

We can’t wait to tackle you 2019!


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^ LOL – this random guy asked Caleb to snap his photo in Philly when Caleb was on his way to photograph our grooms happy hour. 

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