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TJ + Allison | Eagles Mere Country Club


On September 26th, 2015 TJ and Allison became one in the happiest of celebrations I’ve ever been a part of. The entire day was filled with tons of smiles, laughter, kindness, random dance moves, happy tears, and just the sweetest people alive. The first time I’d ever met TJ and Allison was at their engagement session earlier in the year, but while I was capturing the wedding day I felt like I was witnessing two dear friend tie the knot and take the next big step in their journey together. Maybe it was seeing TJ so emotional over his stunning bride, but my eyes were peeing all day long. Also, I am obsessed with their color scheme! The dark/soft blues mixed with the pops of orange.. so beautiful!

Two really fun details to this day were the wooden boxes TJ got all of his groomsmen, each filled with a bow tie, suspenders and a pocket square. Each box was personalized with it’s own design/each groomsmen name on the front corner. TJ and Allison also love playing tennis together, so they thrifted some antique tennis rackets and incorporated those into some of their portraits (and the venue even had a tennis court which couldn’t have been more perfect to complete the photos)!

I am seriously so in love with this couple, this wedding, and these images so I am going to let the photos tell the rest of story and speak for themselves..

xoxo | Meagan


Second Shooter: Hillary Muelleck Photography

Coordinator: Clover Event Co.

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