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Eric + Jennie | Valley Forge | Engagement Session


As a photographer, I love bringing out elements of a couple’s natural chemistry. For some couples it may be more serious, romantic, goofy, fun.. and for Eric and Jennie, it was a happy, can’t stop smiling kind of connection. Our time together was all about capturing them in the gorgeous sunset, smiling and talking about their upcoming vows to one another. These two are so vibrant together and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding day this December!

Fun fact: they were my very first photography gig back from maternity leave and they will be my very last photography gig of the 2017 season! So you just know they’re all kinds of special. 🙂

xoxo | Meagan

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Daniel and Gillian – Summer Engagement Session


I will remember this evening forever. It was a super warm Summer day, so I had my AC blasting on my way to this session. When I got out of my car and grabbed my camera, it was like I hit a wall of steam and my camera lens immediately fogged up! I was a little worried because it would not go away. That had never happened to me before, but luckily after a ten minutes out in the warm sun, my camera adjusted to the temperature. All of that to say, I shot a few of these first images through a fogged up lens, which at the time I was freaking out about, but now I am so thankful for it because something about the slight left over fog on my lens mixed with the GORGEOUS sunset that evening made these images some of my favorites to date. They are just so dreamy!

I cannot wait to photograph Daniel + Gillian’s wedding this June! They are just the sweetest pair, and have full adoration for one another. The soft laughter they shared secretly between them was adorable. 🙂

Enjoy some of my favorites!

Meagan Nicole

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