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Matt and Ariel – Engagement Session


Matt and Ariel are two of the funnest, sweetest, cutest couples I’ve ever met. This was one of those sessions that I just couldn’t put my camera down! I love when my job allows me to push past “the normal”; when I can feel myself enter into a place of creativity flooding my being. It’s such an amazing feeling and I’m so honored my clients choose to let me in their life for special occasions to create special memories. It’s not just about the actual pose or photograph. It’s about how you felt when taking that photograph. The smells, the songs you favored that time in your life, the feeling of laughing and kissing the one you’re in love with, newly engaged preparing for your wedding, all those kinds of things. And then I get to step in and document creative photographs to embody that time in your life, for you to look back on and always remember those memories. AH. It’s so awesome.

This session was one that completely re-motivated and inspired me last year and has me so excited for all of my 2015 weddings and couples. Matt and Ariel instantly felt like friends and were just so darn photogenic. Though it’s super hard to choose, I think my favorite shot is the black and white holding hands image. Which is yours!?

xoxo, Meagan Nicole

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This is Mikayla and a sweeter girl, I don’t think there is. She’s a current senior at Hempfield high school, a cross country runner and probably the biggest Ben Rector fan there ever was. The night there photos were taken, Mikayla took me to an entrance of Lancaster County Park that I never knew about. It was pretty stinking cool. We also climbed in and over a ton of branches, deep into the woods only to see that we were blind and had missed the trail, but we didn’t mind because the sun was awesome and pouring through the trees. Check out or adventure!

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Schantz + Lapp Families


I first met the Schantz family through my fiance, Caleb. His best friend Kent has a brother named Randy (who is married to Anna). Anna and I had gotten to know one another through facebook/IG and then later on some of Calebs campfires. We bonded over our mutual appreciation for photography; well, and their super adorable daughter Mela. Anna contacted me to do a family/maternity session for them AND their best friends .. the Lapps (Tim, Morgan and Noah)! I was a little anxious about how this was going to since I’d never done two separate families at once before but holy cheese balls was it amazing. Both families were so laid back and fun! And on top of that the weather was beyond picture perfect. The trees mixed with the warm sun glowing My happy place. Mela and Noah are basically destined to get married.. and I’m pretty sure they’re already boyfriend + girlfriend in the cutest, most innocent way possible.

I think my favorite part of the session was when Noah leaned in to give Mela a kiss and she leaned back like “WHATCHU DOIN dads watchin”. But then a second later changed her mind and let him kiss her (maybe dad was looking away then)- HA! These people were such a joy to be around! It makes my job so awesome when the families are so fun-loving and keep me on my toes with their jokes and down-to-earth attitudes. I honestly didn’t want the night to end .. and that’s always a good thing! Enjoy!

Meagan Nicole

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King Family

The King family are re-occurring favorites of mine! I’ve done multiple sessions for them and it seems every time a new little smiling face is added to the package! Jed and Michelle have three adorable children- Brooklynn, Lucy and Ben! Growing up I’d always admired Michelle and my sister would tell me “your gonna be a cute little mom like her with adorable kids like that some day”.. ha! I don’t think you knew that until now Michelle but, y’all are the prime example of a fun, beautiful, loving family.

We let the girls run wild around Lancaster County Park – they had such creative imaginations and suggestions for “model poses”. One session a few years ago I couldn’t get them to even stay near the camera, this session I couldn’t get them to STOP wanting to smile for the camera. LOVED IT. Also, these girls adore their little brother. He is going to be one loved boy. Future girls- watch out. You’re going to have two bold, funny, loving sisters to get through first. ha ha!

What do you think of these funny, quirky little girls!?

Meagan Nicole

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The Hess Families


I’ve known the entire Hess family most of my life now. Jasmine and Bethany (sisters) have been just like older sisters to MY sister, Breanna and I. Their our mentors, prayer partners, encouragers, and even some of our first babysitters. Whenever we needed, they were there. Through breakups, make-ups, chick-flicks, adventures and wild dance parties. These girls are our solids. 🙂

Jasmine has an amazing son Austin (who one of my ring bearers!), and Bethany is married to Matt with two wonderful children Christian and Logan. I love them all so much as if they were my own family and am so thankful for their places in my life. We headed over to a local trail by Landis Valley on a sunny evening for some Christmas card photos! It’s always a blast photographing these fun people. What do you think?

Meagan Nicole

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Petershiem Family

This family is hands down one of the sweetest. Right off the bat it felt so comfortable being invited into their home and talking about family/life new car. WOOOT. They own a lovely fielded/wooded property in South Lancaster that was the most amazing backdrop/scenery for a Fall session. I got the chance to shoot here once before when I took their neighbors photos (Drew and Beth) over the Summer! They saw the images and fell in love with them and immediately contacted me to do theirs. YES! We had a great time getting to know one another, exploring their property and petting their pet goat. You read that right. Amazing.

Here are some of my favorite images from this fun gang!

Meagan Nicole

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