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Horn and DeLorenzo Family- Lifestyle Session


I’m so excited to share a family session from this past fall, as it’s my own brother and sister-in-law to be! TJ and Lauren asked me to take their picures along with Lauren’s family and this shoot was a nonstop hour of energy! Both couples were gorgeous subjects and how ADORABLE are all their children? Bristol, Asher, and Seth are seriously the cutest bunch of cousins on the planet. This was the perfect and crisp fall evening and I am super happy to have been able to capture such precious moments for them!


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Mason – Lifestyle Session


I am so excited to finally be sharing all of the amazing sessions and weddings I shot in 2014! I have some major blogging and catching up to do. I thought I’d start with this adorable little man, Mason. This was my second year photographing him and we already have the next date for 2015 on the calendar – I’m so pumped! Mason has such an outgoing personality! He didn’t hold back in front of the camera or shy away from serenading me with his little guitar. ADORABLE. It’s so great to not only capture someones special season in life, but to have the chance to follow them along throughout life and continue to capture the change and growth in all their different seasons. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our Summer play-date in the park. 🙂

Meagan Nicole

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