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Tyler + Tina


Tyler and Tina were such a fun pair to photograph! We risked getting caught in a crazy storm for their photos and we’re so happy we did! They were so easy to get along with, were willing to do anything for a great shot, and brought ICE CREAM. I’m especially glad they brought along their canoe. It’s always the best when couples bring an item or prop that’s true to who they are as a couple or that represents them and/or their relationship well. I am so excited to photograph their October wedding!


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It’s quite possible that Liz is the most photogenic human being on the planet, which is part of what made photographing her so a joy! I first met Liz during her college program at Disney World and absolutely fell in love with her positive energy and adventurous spirit. The night of our shoot, we set out in Orlando and spent the majority of our time at an abandoned property right outside of Liz’s apartment building where we got attacked by burrs… like the really big kind. I don’t think we have laughed harder or found more burr’s on ourselves than we did that day. After our shoot, I think it’s safe to say Liz has a future in modeling. I barely had to give her any sort of direction, these images are all her which is a pretty cool thing. She’s a cutie, that girl. Check out our adventure!


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Tuesdays With The Team – V. 1


Tori and I are so excited to be kicking off this new blog series! Every Tuesday (life-and-weather-permitting) we will be sharing a fun blog post with you involving our latest adventure, craft, recipe trial, or anything else clever that we are up to. We’re calling it.. Tuesdays With The Team! This Tuesday we are sharing our little, quirky adventure from last night with you. We got so pumped about the non-rainy-sunny-weather so we had this brilliant idea to have a picnic by the lake and mess around with photos at sunset buuut, by the time we got our smoothies/salads it was a bit tight on time to get to the lake. So instead, we improvised and drove around to the first random field we spotted that looked note worthy. We learned two lessons: 1. Drinking smoothies while shivering kind of sucks and 2. eating salad with mittens on proves to be rather difficult. So instead, we snapped some fun pictures and had our picnic in the car. It was divine.

We have a lot of fun ideas stored up for this series and we can’t wait to begin! Have anything fun you’d like us to try? Comment below with any ideas and we’ll put them to the test (you could even join if you’d like) and we’ll feature it on one of our next Tuesdays With The Team!

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Meg + Tori

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Nate and Julia


Nate and Julia are such a fun couple! From their sweet instruments to their hearts after God, they’re on point. Speaking of on point.. THIS LIGHTING. Man, it was a gorgeous night for a photo-shoot. We met up at my all time favorite spot and enjoyed the sunny October evening. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our time together.. Enjoy!

Meagan Nicole

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Justin and Alyssa


I’ve known Justin and Alyssa for quite some time now. Some of you MIGHT recognize them as the firrrst ever photo-shoot I posted to my first, original website! They were not only great models + a great couple then but still to this day. I am so excited to be shooting their wedding in May! It’s gonna be an all around amazing time. I actually went to high school with both Justin and Allyssa for a few years which makes photographing them even more fun! I’ve literally known them for so many years now – Alyssa and I used to call one another our “twin”. I remember so many cheerleading practices together and pizza runs in Lititz, or watching her go all out on her karaoke machine that I was completely jealous of at the time. HA!! I’ve known Justins family for a few years now as well since we went to school with a few of his cousins! His dad is an absolute riot so I am definitely expecting a brilliant speech at the wedding. This couple is one of a kind. I love them together and will most definitely be shedding some happy-tears May 16th. I couldn’t be more extatic to be their photographer and capturing these moments for them. We had quite some interesting run-ins during this shoot, but I think it was totally worth it to say the least. I mean.. LOOK AT THAT SUN + THOSE FACES.

Chow for now,

Meagan Nicole

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I’d never met Heather before but I’d seen her face so many times through mutual friends and social media. I was super excited when she contacted me about doing her senior portraits because I knew she was a super sweetheart with a big smile and kind heart. I couldn’t get over her adorable big brown eyes and perfect, thick hair! That probably sounds weird but, girls you know what I’m talking about.

We did two different shoots within one day- first half in downtown Lancaster City and the second half in a local, random field by my house. The sun was literally perfect and we just couldn’t stop snapping away. Love when that happens! Shoutout to one of her best friends and one of my go-to assistants Adelle- you rocked that whiteboard girrrrl.

Until next time,

Meagan Nicole

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Alexandra is a senior in high school and completely comfortable in front of a camera. We had so much fun walking around one of my favvvorite spots chasing the sunset and enjoying the crisp October air! When Alexandras mom told me she was pretty photogenic and interested in modeling I was super pumped, and reality did not disappoint. She was such an easy subject to photograph! I’m pretty sure her images can speak for themself. Alexandra- you are such a sweet spirit..thanks for hiring me to take your senior photos!

If you’re a senior this year or going to be a senior next year- hit me up!!! It’s never too soon to book. 🙂

Meagan Nicole


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Petershiem Family


This family is hands down one of the sweetest. Right off the bat it felt so comfortable being invited into their home and talking about family/life new car. WOOOT. They own a lovely fielded/wooded property in South Lancaster that was the most amazing backdrop/scenery for a Fall session. I got the chance to shoot here once before when I took their neighbors photos (Drew and Beth) over the Summer! They saw the images and fell in love with them and immediately contacted me to do theirs. YES! We had a great time getting to know one another, exploring their property and petting their pet goat. You read that right. Amazing.

Here are some of my favorite images from this fun gang!

Meagan Nicole

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