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Luke and Holly


Being a part of Luke and Hollys wedding last year was such a great experience! I’ve worked along side her sister Heather (who is also a photographer/blogging extraordinaire) for a few years now! So when they contacted me about being their wedding photographer I immediately knew it was going to be a blast and couldn’t wait! Luke and Holly are so full of life! We got tons of happy/silly faces, jumps for joy, strong hugs, loving kisses and crazy dancing shots. It was pretty wonderful. They were both super ecstatic for any photo and idea we had which made my job AWESOME. They’re big smiles made the entire day so relaxed and fun. Everything was literally perfect, from the colors to the weather to the decorations to the people. PERFECT.

I am so eager to share these images with you! I had a ton of favorites so this might be my longest blog post yet. Never a bad thing. Holly had requested bare-editing to the images, so we did just that. I definitely have my own editing style but I love to cater to my clients and their desires! So.. let us know what you think!!!!

Now it’s time for me to begin prepping for the first wedding of the season that just so happens to be THIS Saturday! WHOO! Be sure to follow both Tori and I on INSTAGRAM to keep up with our behind-the-scenes and sneak-peeks from this years season! You can find the links to our individual IG accounts on the tabs “About Meg” + “About Tori” above!

Meagan Nicole

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