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Kyle and Abby


Photographing Kyle and Abby’s wedding provided MUCH emotion, laughter, pretty details, warm sun and a lot of great memories to kick off our first wedding of the season. It was also the first wedding my team member Tori shot with me! We had a blast bouncing ideas off of one another and road-tripping to William Penn Inn. Pretty sure we filled an entire page on twitter with hilarious moments from the day, some of my favorites were:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard “shots, shots, shots, SHOTS, SHOTS, shots” played/danced to so loudly in my life”- meg; “Dear coat-check lady at William Penn, and I love you.”-meg (she literally was the sweetest ever);“No matter what, when shooting a wedding and a groomsmen asks how old you are… Always say 12.”-tori (because it never fails, they always ask you to dance with them); “Ring-bearer upfront, mid-ceremony: “abbbby, are ya nervous?”  -meg; “To the man sitting in the car next to us, pick your nose and eat it once, I’ll let it go. Pick your nose and eat it twice…”-tori; “I still can’t get over the fact that I witnessed a grown man, pick his nose and eat it. Twice. In open public.  -meg ….

Kyle and Abby were so sweet. Some of my favorite moments to their day was Abby’s little ways of incorporating her Father into their special day. She had his ashes in her necklace, a piece of his favorite shirt sewn into her dress, and a photo of him attached to her flower bouquet. The whole day was so sentimental and special. Some other favorite moments was Kyles reaction when he first saw Abby coming down the isle; the way he cried in memory of Abbys father as if it was his own father; Abby and Kyles sweet dance moves when they were announced into the receptionp; and Kyles luring dance for Abby during the garter game. haha. It was an all around FUN day of happiness, and fun evening of celebration. (:

Enjoy a peek into the beautiful wedding of two beautiful people!

Meagan Nicole


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