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Behind The Scenes – 2014


It’s crazy to me that this is our THIRD “working at work” or “Behind The Scenes” end of the year blog post we’ve done! The years are flying by and all have been filled with more and more amazing faces, assistants, interns and clients. I look forward to putting this post together each year. These are shots my second shooters + assistants and I have captured while shooting weddings and portrait sessions. Some may be us testing out our lighting, a photo location, or just being silly cause that’s just how we roll. ha ha. It’s always so fun to look back and see what was happening on the OTHER side of the camera to produce some of the beautiful images you’ve seen us share and post. It’s a good mix of iPhone + our professional camera’s shots so bare with us with the quality.

This year has been FILLED to the brim with goodness. I got engaged over last December (12.19.13 to be exact), hired my first employee Tori who is stinkin’ awesome, took on 2 interns Julia and Katherine, planned a wedding, had some aspiring photographers shadow me for the day, GOT MARRIED, got a puppy, photographed three of my closest friends weddings, and became a featured photographer on The Knot.. and that’s just naming a few of the memories 2014 held. God tuaght me so much this year and I am forever grateful for the doors He continually opens for us and this business. It was a year of trial and error, learning, growing, loving, and so much more. One of my favorite memories from this year was planning my own wedding while photographing 1-2 weddings every weekend! I am already a super indecisive person, so experiencing so many different ideas and styles of all of these amazing weddings was not an easy task. But it also made it so fun for me to connect with my brides on a newer level that I never truly understood until I was a bride-to-be myself. You can imagine how many iPhone shots/texts my poor fiance had to put up with every time I would get a new idea from the wedding that I was photographing. ha!

Thank you times a billion to every person who made this year possible, for helping me keep my sanity during the last few months leading up to my wedding, and for all of the patience and help I received while I moved into a new home, became a wife and.. got a puppy! From second shooters, assistants, editors, interns, friends, family, and clients (and my mom for letting me borrow your cool antique blankets and chairs for props). You are truly appreciated and made 2014 so great. We have some super exciting things happening in 2015 for our brand + team and we can’t wait to reveal it all to you super soon!

*These photos are starting at Winter of 2013 all the way through to Winter of 2014. I also attached some of my wedding photos at the very end! Compliments of Jeremiah and Rachel Photography. 🙂

Happy New Years!!!

The MNP Team

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Tuesdays With The Team – V. 3


Hey guys! Man, it’s been aaaawhile. I hope you’ll forgive me, it’s been quite a full year planning a wedding, buying a house, getting married, moving in, becoming an owner of my first ever PUPPY! All while still shooting tons of kick butt sessions and weddings! I will be catching up and blogging all of that over this Winter so stay tuned!!!

I’m sure you’ve seen some stuff about my two amazing 2014 interns Julia + Katherine! They’ve been doing everything from assisting at photo shoots, second shooting at weddings, helping to edit all of the lovely photos we’ve taken so far this year as well as attending some “intern classes” where we went over flash techniques, composition, strengths/weaknesses, editing/photoshop.. you name it, we covered it. I have seen these girls grow in their knowledge, experience and talents so much over this year. It’s always such a good feeling to be a part of someones growth and love for photography! Makes my heart feel so full. 🙂

Last night we had a little party to celebrate the (sad) ending to their internship! Food, hot chocolate, laughs, balloons, and of course some photos! Plus, anything styled in white + gold is just dandy in my book.

I am so thankful for all of the time and hard work these girls put into their internship and time with me and am SO excited to see where they go in life and their photography journeys! We have some exciting news in store for 2015 some of which include potential workshops, styled shoots, advertisements, updated materials and.. team growth!? We will be announcing all of this exciting stuff over the course of the next few months so keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

Hope everyone has an AWESOME Thanksgiving holiday!

Meagan Nicole

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And of course, my puppy Kemma had to make a debut.. 😉

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Tuesdays With The Team – V. 2


So remember that time Tori and I posted our first TWTT? Well, we’re back in action! Katherine, Julia and I wanted to share a few quick photos we snapped at our team picnic from yesterday. Some weeks we may have a fun craft, recipe or adventure to share so you can all keep up with us in our personal lives in between the brilliant sessions and weddings we will be posting! I am so excited about these two girls and the stories their hearts have to share. It was so fun meeting at Longs Park, collaborating a fun little meal, talking about photography/the business and just chatting about life and what’s going on for all of us. I’m also so glad the weather is deciding to take a break from the rain and give us some nice sunshine!

Enjoy our little picnic while I head back to editing for the day!

Meagan Nicole

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Interns – Julia + Katherine


Well folks, I am very excited to announce that Meagan Nicole Photography is growing once again! We have officially hired two interns!!! They will be with us June-November 2014 and we are all so pumped to see what this year has in store for us all together. You will be seeing them along with me at weddings and most photo shoots! It’s only been a week and it’s already been pretty radical. We’ve been jumping in our seats to announce the two, beautiful girls so today we are doing just that! Take a look and get to know two of my super cute, talented friends.. Julia and Katherine! 🙂

Three things you should know- they smile a lot, they’re the same age, and if you want to be their friend.. take them to a cafe or yard sale!

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Q: So, what do people call you and how long have you been on this earth?

A: Katherine Zell and I am 22 years old!

Q: Besides this internship and photography, where do you currently work?

A: I nanny and work at Garden Spot Village retirement home!

Q: Tell us a little about your background/journey with photography?

A: I took darkroom and digital classes in high school and loved them, but I never seriously thought about pursuing photography as a career until I was out of HS. I attended Philadelphia Biblical University (now known as CAIRN) for a semester and begun taking more pictures of my friends and that’s when it struck me that maybe photography would be something I am interested in pursuing. So, I attended HACC for the next two semesters just getting my foundation classes out of the way and then began at PCAD where I am currently going into my senior year as a photography major!

Q: What are you most excited about with this internship?

A: I am most excited about getting to work with the lovely Meagan, meet new people, experiment with ideas, learn the business end of things and develop a more solid workflow.

Q: Besides photography, what other hobbies and interests do you enjoy?

A: I LOVE the outdoors and going on adventures! Woods, beach, lake, I love it all! I also enjoy running, playing soccer, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Q: So tell us, what’s one of the COOLEST things you’ve ever done in life?

A: A few summers ago my dad and I hiked Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in California. The Half Dome trail is a 17 mile hike, which rises 5,000 feet above Yosemite Valley and 8,800 feet above sea level! It was definitely one of the coolest, craziest, and most demanding things I have ever done. I also ran a half marathon this past December at PSU. It was 20 degrees and started snowing the last 4 miles of the race. It was beyond “cool”..(it was freezing- see what I just did there..haha!)

Q: Cats or Dogs?

A: Dogs, definitely.

Q: Mountains or beach?

A: Thats a tough one! I think it depends on the time of year. I’m a total beach bum but I love the solitude and adventure of the mountains!

Q: The BIG question, coffee or tea?!

A: Tea. Vanilla Chai to be exact!

Q: So, before we go drool over your gorgeous photos.. what is one of your most guilty pleasures?

A: SWEET THINGS! Cookies, ice cream, cake, chocolate pie! I have a really hard time passing them up and I can usually find room for them no matter how full I am.

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Q: So, what do people call you and how long have you been on this earth?

A: Julia and I am 22 years old!

Q: Besides this internship and photography, where do you currently work?

A: I’m rockin’ two jobs right now- a barista at Bakery At The Cupboard, and a receptionist at Pure Joy Salon.

Q: Tell us a little about your background/journey with photography?

A: I first realized my love of photography in 8th grade. I got my first “real” camera from my parents at 15 and started taking pictures of everything and everyone as often as possible. I didn’t go to school for photography because I was tricked into thinking it was more of a hobby then a possible profession. However, in the last year I’ve seen that it has brought me so much more joy then I realized. When you’re doing something you love and something you’re meant to do, there’s a new life that gets breathed into you. For me, that life was God’s way of telling me this is something I should press on with and pursue wholeheartedly.

Q: What are you most excited about with this internship?

A: I am so excited to learn by Meagan’s example and to get hands on experience in areas where I have been timid. To burst out of my comfort zone and experience true growth.

Q: Besides photography, what other hobbies and interests do you enjoy?

A: I enjoy being outside and hiking, having a jam sesh with my fiance on our guitar and ukelele, or vegging in front of the tv to watch Parks and Rec. 😉

Q: So tell us, what’s one of the COOLEST things you’ve ever done in life?

A: Going to Kona, Hawaii for YWAM was definitely my life’s biggest adventure so far. That trip in itself brought about several of the most stretching and growing experiences in my life.

Q: Cats or Dogs?

A: I would take either one, provided they don’t shed or slobber.

Q: Mountains or beach?


Q: The BIG question, coffee or tea?!

A: Coffee. By the gallon.

Q: So, before we go drool over your gorgeous photos.. what is one of your most guilty pleasures?

A: I like show tunes .. a lot. I like to sing them loud and proud in my car with the windows down. It’s really quite shameful.

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