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Shawn and Melody


Shawn and Melody had such a sweet, personal, and unique wedding day back in August! Their ceremony and reception took place at the groom’s house and had a ton of vintage furniture, twinkling lights, and an amazing head table display. We loved capturing all of the amazing details and, of course, the sweet love between the bride and groom. Check out some of my favorites from their day!

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Jason and Karlee | Spring Wedding | The Cork Factory Hotel


I had the sheer pleasure of photographing Jason and Karlee’s wedding this past March 26th, 2016. I’m going to share something very tender and real with you. This past May, Karlee lost her father to his long battle with a fatal illness. Two months after their wedding. My heart absolutely breaks for Karlee and her family with this loss. Something that hit me so hard about this is the weight and importance of why I am a photographer. Why I capture those special moments between a father and his daughter on her wedding day. The smile he wore from ear to ear, the joy he felt walking her down the aisle and the inexplainable love they shared dancing the night away together. Two months later, little did I know those moments in time that I had the honor of capturing will now be savored in place of the actual presence of such an amazing man.

This why I am passionate about capturing standstill pieces in time. This is why I am passionate and thrive off of photography: irreplaceable moments, touches, gazes, love, and relationships. Jason and Karlee, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to document these moments for you. You’re truly a beautiful couple. You create such kindness in the air around you.

Though there are moments filled with grief for the loss of those we love, there are moments filled with pure joy for the new life coming. This Summer Jason and Karlee announced they’re expecting their first child this December! And to add to that joy, Karlee and I both found out we were pregnant around the same time. We shared our excitement with one another and Karlee said “there must have been something in the water at our wedding!”.. haha. These two will always hold a special memory in my heart. The fact that I get to meet sweet people like them, build relationships and be invited into such a special time in their lives makes me ever so grateful for this career.

Love | Meagan

About The Wedding:

Jason and Karlee held their wedding at The Cork Factory Hotel, which is always a fan favorite! Their industrial walls, brick interior, candle lit receptions..we can’t get enough! Karlee was the most laid back bride. We were at the reception just long enough to capture their entrance and the toasts. All florals were done by Forte Florals and can I just say.. WOW. I couldn’t stop drooling over them! The color combinations of olive green dresses, and pale whites, creams, pinks and and pops of peach were heavenly together. Karlee’s mother passed away when she was younger, and they incorporated her memory into the ceremony by hanging photos of her and Karlee together on the end chair of each row. It was such a special way to honor her memory. This was the most intimate day, photographing two, true best friends tying the knot and committing their lives to one another. I especially loved that the majority of the day was focused on portraiture. I am so excited to share this wedding with you all! A big thank you to my second shooter, Alyssa.

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