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Josh + Carolyn – January 23rd, 2016


Where do I even begin? Josh and Carolyn are two of the sweetest, kindest, relaxed, adventurous couples that I have ever photographed. Do you know how I know this? Because their wedding day was in the middle of a BLIZZARD! Yes, the Jonas 2016 snow blizzard we experienced two weekends ago just so happened to be on their wedding day. But that didn’t make them stress! They completely embraced the blizzard and it made for some amazing memories.

Carolyn and I had been in contact with one another starting Thursday evening, coming up with all different plans depending on what the weather had in store for us. Friday I got the call that the wedding had been moved to The Marriott hotel at Penn Square in Downtown Lancaster. Josh and Carolyn’s family and friends decided to make a weekend out of their event and everyone stayed at the hotel Friday-Sunday. Caleb and I were so blessed to be offered a room for the weekend and decided what better way to get snowed in then at a huge hotel!? One of my favorite memories from this wedding was that my husbands work got closed for the day and he actually got to be my assistant for the day and shoot the wedding with me! It was so much fun being “stranded” for the weekend in our own little hotel room, walking the streets of the city and meeting up with some of our friends at a local bar. I was on such a high getting to work and do what I am most passionate about with my best friend by my side. He was such a big help and even captured some of the awesome images you’ll see below!

I was totally nervous since this was my first wedding I would be shooting entirely indoors. Being a natural light photographer I was so worried about lighting and backdrops, etc. But the entire staff at The Mariott was so helpful and pointed out some hidden gems through out the building. Side note: through out our stay at the Marriott I had never been so pleased with such great hospitality and service. I give them 5 stars and beyond! As soon as I put Josh and Carolyn by a huge window, that’s when the magic happened. I was so excited and obsessed with the windows + snow creating a sea of white, natural light. I am so obsessed with how they turned out.

Needless to say, this wedding was the most relaxed, intimate day. Everyone was snowed in together and Caleb and I couldn’t help but feel like we’d been friends with everyone forever! We felt so welcomed and appreciated.

Josh and Carolyn were all for going out in the snow to grab a few quick shots which was so much fun. The wind was whipping snow into my face and I could barely see a thing, but what I could see was all of us laughing and smiling and I thought to myself .. Gosh, I love my job.

Josh and Carolyn are expecting their first child and I couldn’t think of two people who are better fit to be parents. They are going to spoil their little babe with so much love, I just know it. It was such a blessing to witness their laid back, friendly attitude throughout the entire wedding day. These two are golden together.

Thank you so much to the entire staff at The Marriott, and to Josh and Carolyn’s family for all of the kindness and fun memories.

I am so excited to share these images with you all!

– Meagan


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