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Kent and Ashleigh


Kent and Ashleigh have been dear friends of mine for quite some time. We first met through photography because Kent is the mastermind behind Kent Mast Photo and Video. It’s a pretty cool story because I got to witness Kent and Ashleigh when they were first hanging out and Kent began to pursue Ashleigh with his whole heart to make her his girlfriend. Then they got engaged in South Carolina and I got to photograph it – so awesome. They celebrated a year of marriage and now.. a baby is on the way! And of COURSE I had them video my very own wedding day! There’s no one better in the business. If you have yet to hire a videographer let me tell you 1. You MUST. It captures your day in a way photos cannot, we highly recommend it, and 2. KMPV is the best you will ever find. So, so worth it. We always love when we get to work weddings together and often refer to ourselves as “the dream team”.

I had such a blast adventuring around  in the woods around my new home for these photos! During our session the perfect warm, summer time rain storm passed through and we took total advantage of it. These are hands down some of my favorite images ever. It doesn’t hurt that I’m pretty fond of the folks in them. They’re such sweet souls and I am so excited to watch them become parents! Thank you so much Kent and Ashleigh for your support over the years, business talks, spiritual talks, adventures and friendship. Looking back at these photographs I can’t help but smile at your pure, true love for one another!

Meagan Nicole

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