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Alan + Dani | Engagement Session | Middlecreek, PA


When Alan and Dani contacted me to be their wedding photographer, I think it’s pretty safe to say I was grinning from ear to ear. And ever since I have been thoroughly excited and anxiously awaiting their magical wedding day! It’s fiiiinally, so close! These two are tying the knot on July 2nd and I am counting down the days! I just can’t get over how adorable they are together! The happiness their loves brings them is so infectious! I genuinely look forward to all of their cute posts about one another on my news feed, ha!

Alan and Dani are the truest definition of best friends and soul mates. I can’t wait to be a part of their much anticipated wedding day!



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Matt and Ariel – Engagement Session


Matt and Ariel are two of the funnest, sweetest, cutest couples I’ve ever met. This was one of those sessions that I just couldn’t put my camera down! I love when my job allows me to push past “the normal”; when I can feel myself enter into a place of creativity flooding my being. It’s such an amazing feeling and I’m so honored my clients choose to let me in their life for special occasions to create special memories. It’s not just about the actual pose or photograph. It’s about how you felt when taking that photograph. The smells, the songs you favored that time in your life, the feeling of laughing and kissing the one you’re in love with, newly engaged preparing for your wedding, all those kinds of things. And then I get to step in and document creative photographs to embody that time in your life, for you to look back on and always remember those memories. AH. It’s so awesome.

This session was one that completely re-motivated and inspired me last year and has me so excited for all of my 2015 weddings and couples. Matt and Ariel instantly felt like friends and were just so darn photogenic. Though it’s super hard to choose, I think my favorite shot is the black and white holding hands image. Which is yours!?

xoxo, Meagan Nicole

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Nate and Julia


Nate and Julia are such a fun couple! From their sweet instruments to their hearts after God, they’re on point. Speaking of on point.. THIS LIGHTING. Man, it was a gorgeous night for a photo-shoot. We met up at my all time favorite spot and enjoyed the sunny October evening. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our time together.. Enjoy!

Meagan Nicole

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Meet my sweet buddy, Hannah. I first met her on a mission trip to Chambrun, Haiti and right away knew we would be friends. Hannah is super blunt, absolutely hysterical, crazy talented at anything art related and quite the adventure junkie as well. Hannah and my new friend, Emily came along for the shoot and they introduced me to what they call “the projects” aka Middle Creek. When we arrived, I’m not going to lie, my life was immediately changed, it was seriously the perfect night for photos. Hannah and Emily are super close and sometimes come to Middle Creek and sit wrapped in blankets and talk about whatever, so when they asked for a few photos of the two of them wrapped up on their favorite spot, I was all over it! Here’s a recap of our night at the projects!

Tori R.

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