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Brandon + Marilyn | Maternity Session


Last week I got to photograph Brandon and Marilyn, who just so happened to be one of the very first wedding’s I ever photographed in my first wedding season! I was so excited when Marilyn contacted me that they are expecting their first child! They’ve opted to not find out the gender which I think is so great. I totally wish I had the will power to do that with my pregnancy, ha! Either way, their little babe is bound to be the cutest little thing with the best eyes. I mean look at these two!

We used a local Christmas tree farm “Elizabeth Farms” for this mini session and it was the perfect back drop and colors paired with the perfect weather. Enjoy a few of my favorites!!

Happy Thursday! | Meagan

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Sitch Family | Mini Session


I almost can’t count on one hand how many times I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Sitch family! If you haven’t already, meet Kody, Brianne, Karson and Payton. The sweetest little fam! Each and every time I photograph them it gets better and better. I couldn’t stop smiling/laughing like a goof at my computer while I edited some of these images! I just love how much Karson loves his little sister. The entire session he kept reaching over to hug her or kiss her hand or pull her along with him. This little girl is going to have one amazing protector. All those future boyfriends better watch out! Although little P can certainly hold her own. A few times she would push Karson away and be like “okay, okay already.. enough” .. hahah. Watching the brother and sister relationship forming is such a fun thing. Makes me so excited for our little guy to be born and have a sibling one day!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!


 photo blog001_5.jpg photo blog002_5.jpg photo blog003_5.jpg photo blog004_5.jpg photo blog005_5.jpg photo blog006_5.jpg photo blog007_4.jpg photo blog008_4.jpg photo blog009_4.jpg photo blog010_4.jpg photo blog011_4.jpg photo blog012_4.jpg photo blog013_4.jpg photo blog014_4.jpg photo blog015_3.jpg

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