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Tuesdays With The Team – V. 2


So remember that time Tori and I posted our first TWTT? Well, we’re back in action! Katherine, Julia and I wanted to share a few quick photos we snapped at our team picnic from yesterday. Some weeks we may have a fun craft, recipe or adventure to share so you can all keep up with us in our personal lives in between the brilliant sessions and weddings we will be posting! I am so excited about these two girls and the stories their hearts have to share. It was so fun meeting at Longs Park, collaborating a fun little meal, talking about photography/the business and just chatting about life and what’s going on for all of us. I’m also so glad the weather is deciding to take a break from the rain and give us some nice sunshine!

Enjoy our little picnic while I head back to editing for the day!

Meagan Nicole

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Tuesdays With The Team – V. 1


Tori and I are so excited to be kicking off this new blog series! Every Tuesday (life-and-weather-permitting) we will be sharing a fun blog post with you involving our latest adventure, craft, recipe trial, or anything else clever that we are up to. We’re calling it.. Tuesdays With The Team! This Tuesday we are sharing our little, quirky adventure from last night with you. We got so pumped about the non-rainy-sunny-weather so we had this brilliant idea to have a picnic by the lake and mess around with photos at sunset buuut, by the time we got our smoothies/salads it was a bit tight on time to get to the lake. So instead, we improvised and drove around to the first random field we spotted that looked note worthy. We learned two lessons: 1. Drinking smoothies while shivering kind of sucks and 2. eating salad with mittens on proves to be rather difficult. So instead, we snapped some fun pictures and had our picnic in the car. It was divine.

We have a lot of fun ideas stored up for this series and we can’t wait to begin! Have anything fun you’d like us to try? Comment below with any ideas and we’ll put them to the test (you could even join if you’d like) and we’ll feature it on one of our next Tuesdays With The Team!

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Meg + Tori

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