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More Than Conquerors Clothing – MOTHCO Lookbook


I am all about young, up and coming businesses and entreprenauers so when I saw MOTHCO and what it was all about I was so excited. A lot of people lose sight of WHY they started something. It becomes about the fame, the glory, being cool, having so many followers on instragram and we tend to forget what our original purpose and passion was. The reason WHY we want to reach that many followers. Not to be cool, but to reach the nations with the good word and love of God. There is something so amazing about a fresh vision and pure heart. Samuel Bernhardt and Kaylynn Bert began More Than Conquerors which started as a fundraiser for local families who were impacted by cancer. This purpose has continued in their mission to partner with people and meaningful organizations by providing them with funds that come from their profit. They believe in taking responsibility for the social needs around them and using what God has given them to bless others.

“We believe in purpose more than profits. Currently, we are partnered with Urban Hope, a Christian organization dedicated to the mission of providing believers with cross-cultural training and experience in urban ministry.  We’re More Than Conquerors Clothing, and we make great clothes to support great organizations.”

How awesome is that!? What they’re doing is truly amazing and touching so many. I wanted to help them grow their business and be a part of this reach in some way or another. I firmly believe in supporting ministries; though you may not be the one going and doing what they’re doing, if you’re pouring into their ministry you’re planting oats into their harvest. So good. I also love putting together things during my less busy seasons to keep the creative juices flowing. It feels so great just to get creative and have fun! So this Winter we teamed up and put together a styled shoot for their 2014 Winter Look book! I am so excited to share my favorite images from this session with you. Make sure to check out the full look book over on the MOTHCO website!

xoxo, Meagan Nicole




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