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Dan and Kara – Lifestyle Session


I’ve known Dan and Kara for quite some time now. I shot there engagement photos back in 2013 and now had the pleasure of shooting their one year anniversary session this past Fall! Dan was my husbands best man in our September 2014 wedding, and Kara has been one of my closest girlfriends for the last year. It’s been so much fun growing together in the newly married stages of life, venting and laughing through all of the different experiences married life brings. Dan and Kara were also with us at the race that my husband Caleb recently broke both of his knees in. They’ve continually been supportive, kind, fun friends and we are so thankful for them in our lives! Something so special to me about this session was knowing Dan and Kara’s hearts, struggles, and joys then getting to capture their love at this special stage in life. To me, nothing beats walking through life with people in sincere friendship and then getting to capture them in photographs.

I also think the way Dan still looks at Kara in some of these images like he’s smitten is the cutest thing ever, and Kara’s unstoppable grin in reaction to her man is just plain adorable.

Meagan Nicole

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