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Gabrielle and Sean– Engagement Session


Gabby and Sean were such a joy to photograph because of their love for life, each other, and FUN. These two definitely know how to have a good time. In our short time together, we joked, laughed, and found a way to make a cold, windy afternoon an all-around blast. We spent the morning diving into their love story and finding ways to capture the pure and beautiful love they have for each other on camera. I am so looking forward to their September wedding and getting to photograph their love and joy all over again!

– Julia

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Mason – Lifestyle Session


I am so excited to finally be sharing all of the amazing sessions and weddings I shot in 2014! I have some major blogging and catching up to do. I thought I’d start with this adorable little man, Mason. This was my second year photographing him and we already have the next date for 2015 on the calendar – I’m so pumped! Mason has such an outgoing personality! He didn’t hold back in front of the camera or shy away from serenading me with his little guitar. ADORABLE. It’s so great to not only capture someones special season in life, but to have the chance to follow them along throughout life and continue to capture the change and growth in all their different seasons. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our Summer play-date in the park. 🙂

Meagan Nicole

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Blackwell Family


Today y’all get to meet a little piece of my heart – my family! Casey and Keith are my couins; I only have three cousins total so growing up we were all pretty close. I’ve been so blessed to have two older cousins who acted as my older brothers and played barbies with me when I begged them, watched out for me with guys/my heart, and taught me things about life and growing up. When they “grew up” and started their own families it was such an awesome thing to be a part of and witness. Casey married Emily and now have two beautiful little girls Lily and Addie (both of which are going to be my flower girls this September!!). Keith married Steph and had their first little stud-muffin Drew (who is one of my little ring-bearers!!!). I am so thankful for these girls and their children and the lives they have built with my cousins. Family is suuuuch an important thing to me and I am so thankful for the happy, close relationships we’ve all built. When they asked me to do a “joint family session” as a surprise for Christmas gifts for all their parents I was super excited!

Addie and Lily completely adore Drew. Every time you turn around they’re most likely kissing his cheeks and petting his head saying “little dew”. So. Cute. It was a lot of fun running around with them in the November sun capturing their little giggles and enthusiastic imaginations. Drew is gonna be such a little ladies man- watch out moms!

Meagan Nicole

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