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Aubree has been one of my dearest friends for about five years now, and let me tell you, this lady is a blessing. She truly has one of the deepest hearts for others and is such a light to those around her. Aubree just finished up massage therapy school and asked for a little photo session to kick start her new career, and I’m so pleased she did! We had a great time catching up and chasing light. Lastly, if you’re ever in need of a massage therapist, trust me, Aubs is your girl. She is CRAZY GOOD at what she does and will make you feel like a million bucks. I hope you enjoy her photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!




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Mackenzie Harley – Styled Senior Session – Style By Rae


Introducing Kylie Jenner… I mmmmean Mackenzie Harley’s senior portraits! You know you’re thinking it too. 😉

Mackenzie is the younger sister of Kelsey Rae, our fabulous team stylist! I was so excited to collaborate with these two cuties. The Harley’s have been blessed with good looks and modeling skills that kick butt, lemme tell ya. Kelsey came up with our location, outfits, hair/makeup and props. She never disappoints! Pinnacle Overlook is one of my favorite spots. I’ve always wanted to photograph here, so when Kelsey and I began coming up with ideas I was immediately so excited when she thought of going here for the shoot. The sunset this night was unreal. It provided such a soft, hazy glow and thus, I am obsessed with these images forever.

Mackenzie has a heart of gold, gorgeous locks, and the cutest giggle. It was such an honor to capture her senior portraits and get creative together. Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Meagan Nicole

*Want to have super stellar images like these, without having to stress over styling all of the elements on your own!? We got you covered! Inquire at for information on adding our Style By Rae services into your portrait session. 🙂

Meagan is currently booking for Spring of 2016


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Jess is pretty much the cutest. We first met as little fifth graders, when we were on the same softball team and have been friends through the years! Jess is one of those people that no matter the amount of time between seeing each other, we always just pick up right where we left off. She’s one of the biggest Disney fanatics there ever was (aside from her sisters) which is also probably why we all get along so well. I love Jess because she’s not afraid to be goofy and completely ridiculous and also because she gets my movie references. Over Christmas break, we headed out for an impromptu shoot! Check out How cute she is!

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