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Jenna & Alec


Meet Jenna and Alec! Jenna and I have been best friends since fifth grade (crazy, huh?) and I really just love her. I always say that everyone has that one friend that they are just really crazy and weird with and well… Jenna is mine. Jenna and Alec have been dating for about three years now they are just about the coolest couple. At the end of January, the three of us flew South to soak up some sunshine and to visit Jenna’s parents who recently moved to Sarasota, FL. I was the designated third wheel of the trip and it was awesome. One of the nights, we took an adventure to Siesta Key beach, a favorite of Jenna’s family. We took some fun photos,  walked the beach, talked about weird things, laughed until we tinkled and finished the night with some homemade cheeseburger soup! Here are some of my favorite images from our night and a little something at the end for a good laugh. ; )


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