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Seth + Jenn Cassell | The Farm At Eagles Ridge


You know how when you’re so excited about something that you sit on it for awhile because you want it to be perfect? That’s me with this blog post. This wedding was one of those monuments moments in my career that I will always look back on and remember fondly.

Seth and Jenn both live in Las Angeles, California. Seth is a budding actor who has been featured in multiple movies; you can view his impressive resume HERE. Jenn is a producer for Fly On The Wall Entertainment, and a story producer for L. Plummer Media, she has also been a producer for TLC, VH1, Ugly Brothers Studio, Lighthearted Entertainment, T Group Productions and many others. What the what! I know. When Jenn first emailed me back in 2014, I couldn’t feel my face. I had the pleasure of meeting with them at Tomato Pie while they were in town visiting with her family and we hit it off right away. They both have such out going, fun personalities and it’s no wonder Seth is an actor because he could probably make any one laugh at any given moment. And they actually wanted to hire ME. Me!? Jesus was getting loads of thank you’s sent His way. I was counting down the days to their wedding! On October 10th, 2015 these two tied the knot.. and guess what! They’re now expecting their first little bundle of joy this Fall! What better time to finally share this special day with you all. 🙂

Seth and Jenn met in college at Point Park University. Jenn grew up in Millersville, PA which is why they decided to have a wedding on the more intimate scale here in the rolling hills of Lancaster, PA. These guys are just the most genuine, kind hearted people and attract others and make friends so easily. Not going to lie, knowing that these two have so many connections and friends in the business, like Adam Sandler, cough, cough, my team member Julia and I may have been holding out for a appearance like lame fan girls. But Seth and Jen kept their wedding more intimate with local family members and friends, as well as a few close friends who flew in from LA for the affair. It was prrrrobably the most epic dance party Julia and I had ever witnessed.

When Julia and I first arrived, Seth was building the wooden arbor which later was decorated in tons of flowers, lace, greens, and antlers. It was gorgeous! Jenn had her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in toe. Her something old/borrowed was antique brooch’s pinned onto her bouquet from grandmother’s down the line. There were so many terrific details to this wedding day. Both the grooms brother and the brides sister made up the entire bridal party which was so sweet.

Seth and Jenn had family do the task of marrying them at their ceremony who added in funny little side notes, stories and quotes personalized to the couple. I think it was a Dr. Seuss quote that got the whole crowd erupting with laughter and smiles. Seth and Jenn said “We just wanted the whole day to be fun and US.. not stiff and traditional”. You guys accomplished that perfectly! The entire day as a perfect reflection of their happy go lucky relationship. During the ceremony Seth and Jen hammered closed a beautiful wooden keep sake box which they placed hand written letters in to open at their first big fight (or maybe it was at their one year anniversary – my pregnancy brain seems to fail me these days)! They incorporated both mothers into the ceremony by doing a mother/child candle lighting. After the ceremony we headed out for the most gorgeous sunset/golden hour and captured some of my ALL TIME favorite bridal and groom portraits. Seriously, I’m still drooling. The reception concluded with beautiful toasts, prayers, stories, cake and lots and lots of dancing.

I am so excited to fiiiinally share this special wedding with you all!

Cheers | Meagan

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