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July 4th, 2014 – Personal


This week I thought I’d share something personal with you! I had rented the Canon 5D mark iii (the most glorious camera on earth) this past weekend for a wedding. I figured I’d take advantage of having it and document my July 4th for fun! It was such a fun, relaxing day filled with warm sun, happy souls, and fun memories. A huge way to my heart is cookouts, swimming, campfires and fireworks. Prrrobably why July 4th remains to be one of my all time favorite holidays.

My fiance Caleb and his dad flew to Ohio a few weeks ago and literally filled their entire plane jammed pack with all kinds of sweet fireworks. Since our towns local fireworks had been post-poned due to rain the day before, we decided to set off our own show! So we invited a few of our close friends and both our families, laid out in the field and watched all the men set off a great show for us. We were laughing at how all guys seem to gravitate towards anything that has to do with flames + danger. Listening to their conversations and strategies while setting off the fireworks made it even better.

It was an awesome day. Here are some of the shots I took throughout my July 4th! How did you spend yours!? 🙂

Meagan Nicole

 photo blog001-37.jpg
 photo blog002-36.jpg
 photo blog003-33.jpg
 photo blog004-31.jpg
 photo blog005-28.jpg
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 photo blog032-4.jpg photo blog033-4.jpg
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