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Heather + Nora | “Mommy and Me”


I have all but one date booked for the mommy and me sessions I offered for July + August and man oh man does it make my heart SIIIING! I am having such a blast venturing around, capturing all of these cute bonds between a mother and her children! Over the weekend I photographed Heather and Nora here at Speedwell Lake (one of my favorite spots to photograph). The weather was heavenly! This barefoot duo twirled the night away laughing and picking flowers and it. was. magic.

XO | Meagan

 photo blog001_22.jpg photo blog002_22.jpg photo blog003_22.jpg photo blog004_22.jpg photo blog005_21.jpg photo blog006_21.jpg photo blog007_20.jpg photo blog008_19.jpg photo blog009_19.jpg photo blog010_19.jpg photo blog011_19.jpg photo blog012_20.jpg photo blog013_18.jpg photo blog014_19.jpg photo blog015_18.jpg photo blog016_16.jpg photo blog017_16.jpg photo blog018_16.jpg photo blog019_16.jpg photo blog020_16.jpg photo blog021_16.jpg photo blog022_15.jpg photo blog023_15.jpg

Sitch Family | Mini Session


I almost can’t count on one hand how many times I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Sitch family! If you haven’t already, meet Kody, Brianne, Karson and Payton. The sweetest little fam! Each and every time I photograph them it gets better and better. I couldn’t stop smiling/laughing like a goof at my computer while I edited some of these images! I just love how much Karson loves his little sister. The entire session he kept reaching over to hug her or kiss her hand or pull her along with him. This little girl is going to have one amazing protector. All those future boyfriends better watch out! Although little P can certainly hold her own. A few times she would push Karson away and be like “okay, okay already.. enough” .. hahah. Watching the brother and sister relationship forming is such a fun thing. Makes me so excited for our little guy to be born and have a sibling one day!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!


 photo blog001_5.jpg photo blog002_5.jpg photo blog003_5.jpg photo blog004_5.jpg photo blog005_5.jpg photo blog006_5.jpg photo blog007_4.jpg photo blog008_4.jpg photo blog009_4.jpg photo blog010_4.jpg photo blog011_4.jpg photo blog012_4.jpg photo blog013_4.jpg photo blog014_4.jpg photo blog015_3.jpg

Lance + Justine | Speedwell Forge, PA


Back when my husband and I were looking for our future home, I had one desire. That it would be on or near beautiful land that I could use for photography sessions! Well, we lucked out big time. Speedwell forge is surrounded by state game land filled with loads of hiking trails. And it gets better. A year after we moved in, the lake was refilled! HEYO! We have enjoyed biking, hiking, and kayaking along speedwell and love our little area we live in so much. Getting to use it for sessions this Fall has been so much fun! The reflections in the lake are like none I’ve ever seen.

When Nate and Justine hired me to do a 6 year anniversary session for them, I knew this would be the perfect spot! Justine and I have been “social media” friends for quite some time, but FINALLY got to meet in real life for this session, and I have a feeling we will be seeing lots more of one another over coffee and laughs in the near future! She was even so sweet to drop of a bag of goodies for me and our little baby boy on my doorstep. This girl is the real deal. A one of a kind gem! And Nate pairs with her perfectly with his genuine smile and kindness. What a power couple!

It was such a blessing to photograph them. Enjoy a handful of my favorites from the evening!


 photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg photo blog008.jpg photo blog009.jpg photo blog010.jpg photo blog011.jpg photo blog012.jpg photo blog013.jpg photo blog014.jpg photo blog015.jpg photo blog016.jpg photo blog017.jpg photo blog018.jpg photo blog019.jpg photo blog020.jpg photo blog021.jpg photo blog022.jpg

Tom and Lauren | Speedwell Lake | Engagement Session


I had such a fun time photographing Tom and Lauren right in my very own backyard! Speedwell Lake was recently put back in which makes my heart so, so happy. We explored all around the woods and ended right in the lake. Here are a few of my favorites!

– Meagan

 photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog004.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg photo blog008.jpg photo blog009.jpg photo blog010.jpg photo blog011.jpg

Amber | Senior Portraits | Style By Rae | Speedwell Forge, PA


I absolutely love the fact that Amber selected our newest option for senior portraits – custom stylizing by Kelsey Courtney “Style By Rae“! Kelsey helped Amber style her entire session: the outfits, the florals and the props! Kelsey thrifted this amazing wooden chair and crafted a floral garland along the back. Kelsey also created a floral crown for Amber to wear, and ended the session with a beautiful mason jar scene (loads of mason jars filled with lit candles, hanging off of branches along the lake). It was such a dreamy evening! Kelsey nailed it on every angle, and Amber was such a joy to photograph!

Are you an upcoming senior!? Contact me asap to set something up + chat about all of the options we offer! 🙂


 photo blog001.jpg photo blog002.jpg photo blog003.jpg photo blog004.jpg photo blog005.jpg photo blog006.jpg photo blog007.jpg photo blog008.jpg photo blog009.jpg photo blog010.jpg photo blog011.jpg photo blog012.jpg photo blog013.jpg photo blog014.jpg photo blog015.jpg photo blog016.jpg photo blog017.jpg photo blog018.jpg photo blog019.jpg photo blog020.jpg photo blog021.jpg photo blog022.jpg

Welcome To The Team Julia!


 photo blog001.jpg

With 2015 kicking off we decided to share some exciting news with you! In 2014 we had the honor of hosting two interns Katherine and Julia. This year we are welcoming Julia to Meagan Nicole Photography as an official team member!!! Tori and I are super excited to have Julia as a part of the team. Julia has a passion and undeniable talent for photography, it’s been a joy getting to watch her grow and learn over 2014 and now we are so eager to not only see how all of our different styles blend together, but to see Julia begin to book her own weddings and sessions.  This is going to be one full, busy summer! We’ve booked some amazing clients already and are also looking forward to JULIA’S wedding on July 10th! My wedding last year, Julia’s this year.. who knows, maybe Tori will be next year! winkwink.

 It’s so crazy for me to see this small photography business I started almost 6 years ago growing into this beautiful, creative team. Although our vision isn’t focused on growing to be bigger and bigger, it’s so awesome to see the doors the Lord is opening as we completely rely on Him. 2015 is going to be so, so good. We will be working on adding Julia’s portfolio + contact info to our website over the next couple months, but until then anyone who is interested in booking Julia please email her at to inquire for her 2015 collections and availability. I am so excited to introduce you to the third official team member of MNP, Julia Fisher (soon to be Horn!).

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I am 23 and have been photographing people’s special moments for around 5 years now. When I’m not doing photography I’m rockin’ two other jobs- a barista at Bakery At The Cupboard, and a receptionist at Pure Joy Salon. I enjoy being outside and hiking, having a jam sesh with my fiance on our guitar and ukelele, or vegging in front of the tv to watch Parks and Rec. Also, I like show tunes .. a lot. I like to sing them loud and proud in my car with the windows down. It’s really quite shameful.

 I first realized my love of photography in 8th grade. I got my first “real” camera from my parents at 15 and started taking pictures of everything and everyone as often as possible. I didn’t go to school for photography because I was tricked into thinking it was more of a hobby then a possible profession. However, in the last year I’ve seen that it has brought me so much more joy then I realized. When you’re doing something you love and something you’re meant to do, there’s a new life that gets breathed into you. For me, that life was God’s way of telling me this is something I should press on with and pursue wholeheartedly. My growing portfolio includes weddings, styled portraits, maternity, newborn, family, and engagement sessions. My experience as an intern for Meagan Nicole Photography helped expand my knowledge of the art of photography, as well as nurtured my personal style: encapsulating raw emotion and genuine, natural posing. I am eagerly awaiting the 2015 wedding season to capture the excitement of new brides as well as prepare for my own July wedding!

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Follow Julia’s life + behind the scenes on INSTAGRAM! 
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When I was four years old my parents gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever been given – the joy of having a little baby sister. Ever since she’s been my protector, “tester”, playmate, best friend and now maid-of-honor. Having her in my life definitely helped make me who I am today and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She’s got a spunky-quick-witted-humor, unbelievable dance moves, a passion for film and cooking/baking, and has a head of beautiful luscious locks (just to name a few of her wonderful traits). It’s crazy how fast time flies and how much Breanna has grown into a young, smart, talented, beautiful woman. From learning how to ride her first bike, learning how to wear makeup, to watching her go out with her first boyfriend, get her first job and driving around with her license in her first car. It’s an honor to capture this big year in Breanna’s life and I am so stinkin’ excited to see where the future takes her and what doors she will open.

This session leaves me smiling VERY big. The sun was on point, Breanna looked amazing and it was my first time photographing at my fiance and I’s house property! I could go on photo excursions here for days. So in love with these images and so pumped to be sharing them with all of you!

Until next time,

Meagan Nicole


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 photo blog002-28.jpg
 photo blog003-25.jpg
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 photo blog007-19.jpg
 photo blog008-19.jpg
*Breanna liked the purple flowers because it reminded her of our Nanny who passed away last September. Very sweet.
 photo blog009-20.jpg
 photo blog010-19.jpg
 photo blog011-19.jpg
 photo blog012-19.jpg
 photo blog013-19.jpg
 photo blog014-17.jpg
 photo blog015-17.jpg
 photo blog016-14.jpg
*Can we just make note of how awesome this photo is that I caught of Breanna the moment she thought she heard a snake. HA!
 photo blog017-15.jpg
 photo blog018-14.jpg
 photo blog019-13.jpg
 photo blog020-11.jpg
 photo blog021-12.jpg
 photo blog022-11.jpg
 photo blog023-10.jpg
 photo blog024-10.jpg
 photo blog025-7.jpg
*And we just HAD to get a few of Breanna in her famous converse + gages.

Dylan and Nina


Are you all ready to feist your eyes on two of the most beautiful, photogenic people in the world!? Dylan, Nina and I went to middle school + high school together, graduated together and have been close friends ever since. Anytime I’ve needed models to test out new ideas and shots on they’re my go-to couple. Dylan and Nina had secret crushes on each other all through our school career and finally began dating our senior year. And the rest is history. It’s been a high-school-sweetheart-love-story as they took off to college together and have now graduated and began their careers together in Pittsburg! Dylan is the sweetest guy and so perfect for Nina. My heart burst when Dylan told us he was going to propose and getting the text of Nina’s big smile the night it happened.

Anyone who knows Nina knows you can expect 24/7 goofy faces, weird voices, and random-spur-of-the-moment dance moves coming at you from every angle. I think Dylan has learned how to keep up with her spunk quite well. Together they’re beautiful, full of love, down-to-earth, determined, passionate, kind, and un-stoppable. I am beyond blessed to be their photographer and capture the day they say “I Do”. (Which just so happens to be two weeks after MY wedding! WHOO!)

Now go ahead, begin the drooling process over their gorgeous images..

Meagan Nicole

 photo blog001-28.jpg photo blog002-27.jpg photo blog003-24.jpg photo blog004-22.jpg photo blog005-20.jpg photo blog006-18.jpg photo blog007-18.jpg photo blog008-18.jpg photo blog009-19.jpg photo blog010-18.jpg photo blog011-18.jpg photo blog012-18.jpg photo blog013-18.jpg photo blog014-16.jpg photo blog015-16.jpg photo blog016-13.jpg photo blog017-14.jpg photo blog018-13.jpg photo blog019-12.jpg photo blog020-10.jpg photo blog021-11.jpg photo blog022-10.jpg photo blog023-9.jpg

Tuesdays With The Team – V. 1


Tori and I are so excited to be kicking off this new blog series! Every Tuesday (life-and-weather-permitting) we will be sharing a fun blog post with you involving our latest adventure, craft, recipe trial, or anything else clever that we are up to. We’re calling it.. Tuesdays With The Team! This Tuesday we are sharing our little, quirky adventure from last night with you. We got so pumped about the non-rainy-sunny-weather so we had this brilliant idea to have a picnic by the lake and mess around with photos at sunset buuut, by the time we got our smoothies/salads it was a bit tight on time to get to the lake. So instead, we improvised and drove around to the first random field we spotted that looked note worthy. We learned two lessons: 1. Drinking smoothies while shivering kind of sucks and 2. eating salad with mittens on proves to be rather difficult. So instead, we snapped some fun pictures and had our picnic in the car. It was divine.

We have a lot of fun ideas stored up for this series and we can’t wait to begin! Have anything fun you’d like us to try? Comment below with any ideas and we’ll put them to the test (you could even join if you’d like) and we’ll feature it on one of our next Tuesdays With The Team!

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Meg + Tori

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