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Joe + Rachel | August 26th, 2017 | Stoltzfus Homestead + Gardens, PA |Wedding



It’s been a long, long time since I’ve shared a wedding on here! I had a full 2017 season, most of which never got published because life took over with a new baby and a house renovation and all the things. But now that I’m getting back into the swing of things and hoping to book a few weddings for 2019-2020, I figured I’d make the I’M BACK announcement by finally blogging a few of my favorite weddings that I never got to share with you!

I’m kicking it off with Joe + Rachel’s warm August wedding day. It was a celebration of not only a marriage, but a family becoming one. Joe took in Rachel’s son as his own and read vows to him during the ceremony, ending with the sweetest embrace and wet eyes all around. It was so special being a part of this day. The way Joe and Rachel included Alex was just so neat to see.

Every detail was so effortless + beautiful, from the dress to the florals, to Joe’s amazing blue suit. If you’re looking for some great Summer wedding inspo – look no further!

Until next time | Meagan

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Alan + Dani | July 2nd, 2016


It’s so much fun catching up on blogging some of my weddings from this past 2016 season! Alan and Dani were such gems to photograph. They literally light one another up in the sweetest of ways. The compliments, smiles, laughter, kisses, hugs, winks, and inside jokes were enough to have my second shooter Haley and I beaming from ear to ear all day long. What an honor to be their photographer!

Their wedding was held at Riverdale Manor, which was super popular for our team this year! A great venue to check out if you’re currently engaged and on the hunt. I loved the color combo of red and black that Dani chose. The mixed matched, lace bridesmaid dresses paired with the groomsmen’s grey suits were a solid choice and gave everything a more vintage, chic feel. Another super fun aspect to this wedding was that one of my great friends Josh Mast “DJ Mast” was the DJ! This reception was one for the books. Dani and her dad surprised us all with a choreographed dance in the middle of their father daughter dance! The evening ended with the most perfect sparkler send off timed perfectly with the sunset.

I am so excited to finally share this wedding with you all!

Warmly | Meagan

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Daniel and Gillian | June 18th, 2016 | Lewisburg, PA


I’ve realized I haven’t shared any weddings on here in awhile, and I think today is the perfect day to change that! I photographed Daniel and Gillians wedding this past Summer at the gorgeous Colonial Pines in Lewisburg, PA. I can’t stop feeling giddy over this day. The location, the weather, the lighting, the details, the gorgeous greens. This was one for the books!

The entire day was very laid back yet elegant feeling. I can’t stop tearing up at Gillian’s first look with her father. His expression and reaction was so priceless. Those are the types of moments we live for as photographers. As we wrapped up the first look and portraits before the ceremony, the guests enjoyed a “pre” cocktail hour of sorts. The entire front lawn held white high top tables, vintage sofas and chairs scattered through out, an open bar, lemonade/iced tea station and a big open front porch. As family and friends mingled, laughter and happiness could be heard for miles.

After the ceremony, the string band began playing and cocktail hour resumed. After just a few more photo ops, Daniel and Gillian were able to join their guests to mingle and be merry! A total perk of having a first look and getting most all of your photos in at the beginning of the day (venue/weather allowing) is that you’re able to relax after the wedding and enjoy most of your “happy hour”. We also snuck out during the end of the reception which was timed perfectly for some sunset portraits. Daniel and Gillian are so, so sweet together and compliment one another perfectly. It was such an honor to be a part of their love filled day!

xoxo | Meagan

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Armin + Rebecca | June 11th, 2016 | Lauxmont Farms


Tori and I still talk about Armin and Rebecca’s wedding day to this very day. Probably because we learned a sweet armanian dance move thanks to Armin and their awesome friends and family. After watching the whole dance floor erupt in this jazzing dance we’d never seen before, we kept trying to mimic/learn it. After witnessing our failed attempts Armin came up to us laughing and said “pretend you’re screwing in light bulbs”.. “AHHH!” we proclaimed. Thus, the rest of the night we couldn’t stop exercising our new found move.

But in all seriousness, I don’t even know where to start with these two! Some adjectives that come to mind when I think about their wedding: family, traditions, special, close, kind, vintage, antique, SO HAPPY, unique, enchanting, thoughtful, and just perfect. Rebecca had so many wonderful details all unique to her own style. Like those shoes! Our eyes immediately turned into big ole red hearts. They had a non traditional bridal party which was made the whole day feel so much more intimate. Armin had his sister on his side, and Rebecca had her sister on her side. They also had Rebecca’s grandmother as the “flower girl”, how sweet!? There were so many neat touches like the family history table, which had both of their mothers vintage wedding dresses showcased, as well as photos and family heirlooms. There was also a lot of traditions weaved in, in honor of Armin’s family and their culture. I loved the table at the reception that held a ton of things that I’m not even going to pretend to know what they were, but it was super cool.

Armin and Rebecca have been together for 16 years. YOU GUYS. You can’t make up this kind of love story. Their story, their vows, their toasts, their conversations, their gazes towards one another.. it was all like something out of a fairy tale book. I honestly believe they were made for one another and I was so, so honored to be the one who got to document their wedding day.

Lauxmont Farms is one of my all time favorite wedding venues. Especially their rotunda venue! These views were unbeatable and the sunset was killer. I love how big and open and white the indoor faciloity is, and how much natural light it allows to flow in through the floor to ceiling windows. It totally gives you the practicalness of an indoor wedding while still allowing you to have that magical outdoor feel.

I could talk all day about this wedding, but instead I’ll let you soak it in for yourself with the images..

xoxo | Meagan

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Brian and Nicolina


Brian and Nicolina’s wedding was so so fun for Kelsey, my second shooter, and I to be a part of. They’re the kind of couple that you see them together and you just know that they make each other better. Whoop, whoop! Their day took place at the Stone Mill Inn with a country chic look and a cozy summer feel. They also had quite possibly the cutest ring bearer in well, the history of ever. At the wedding, I may have embarrassed myself thoroughly, falling off of a foldable chair during family photos… twice. I’m hoping everyone has forgotten about this at this point in time.

Annnnnyyyyways… BEHOLD! Please enjoy some of the team’s favorite images of B and N’s day!


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Nick and Molly


When I first starting talking to Nick and Molly about the detailing of their day, I knew it was going to be so so special. Everything took place at Molly’s parent’s home and can I just say, HOLY MOLY that place is perfection. Molly’s mom made every detail herself that day and well, she is the boss at all things beautiful. Molly and Nick had their ceremony in the backyard and had a poolside reception and it just had the sweetest feel to it. There’s nothing like a wedding and celebration, in the place you grew up, put together by the people that love you most. Well I can only imagine. : ) Molly and Nick’s day was full of so much love and I just had the best time being apart of it!


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Luke and Holly


Being a part of Luke and Hollys wedding last year was such a great experience! I’ve worked along side her sister Heather (who is also a photographer/blogging extraordinaire) for a few years now! So when they contacted me about being their wedding photographer I immediately knew it was going to be a blast and couldn’t wait! Luke and Holly are so full of life! We got tons of happy/silly faces, jumps for joy, strong hugs, loving kisses and crazy dancing shots. It was pretty wonderful. They were both super ecstatic for any photo and idea we had which made my job AWESOME. They’re big smiles made the entire day so relaxed and fun. Everything was literally perfect, from the colors to the weather to the decorations to the people. PERFECT.

I am so eager to share these images with you! I had a ton of favorites so this might be my longest blog post yet. Never a bad thing. Holly had requested bare-editing to the images, so we did just that. I definitely have my own editing style but I love to cater to my clients and their desires! So.. let us know what you think!!!!

Now it’s time for me to begin prepping for the first wedding of the season that just so happens to be THIS Saturday! WHOO! Be sure to follow both Tori and I on INSTAGRAM to keep up with our behind-the-scenes and sneak-peeks from this years season! You can find the links to our individual IG accounts on the tabs “About Meg” + “About Tori” above!

Meagan Nicole

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Michael & Jamie


Jamie is my good friend, Taylor’s sister, so when she contacted me about shooting her and Michael’s wedding, I was stoked. Tyler came along to help capture the day at a family friend’s house where the wedding and ceremony took place. It was a super relaxed day centered around celebration and the circus. Oh yeah. Such a fun and special day to be apart of!

 photo storyboard001-6.jpg photo storyboard002-6.jpg photo storyboard003-5.jpg photo storyboard004-5.jpg photo storyboard005-3.jpg photo storyboard006-3.jpg photo storyboard007-2.jpg photo storyboard008-2.jpg photo storyboard009-2.jpg photo storyboard010-2.jpg photo storyboard011-2.jpg photo storyboard012-1.jpg photo storyboard013-1.jpg photo storyboard014-1.jpg photo storyboard015-1.jpg photo storyboard016-1.jpg photo storyboard017-1.jpg photo storyboard018-1.jpg photo storyboard019-1.jpg photo storyboard020-1.jpg photo storyboard021.jpg photo storyboard022.jpg photo storyboard023.jpg photo storyboard024.jpg photo storyboard025.jpg photo storyboard026.jpg photo storyboard027.jpg photo storyboard028.jpg photo storyboard029.jpg photo storyboard030.jpg photo storyboard031.jpg photo storyboard032.jpg photo storyboard033.jpg photo storyboard034.jpg photo storyboard035.jpg photo storyboard036.jpg photo storyboard037.jpg photo storyboard038.jpg photo storyboard039.jpg

Brandon and Sarah


Brandon and Sarah are two of the calmest, sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The entire day felt so laid back and enjoyable. It was my first time shooting at the Carlisle Ribbon Mill – such a beautiful place! We absolutely loved the urban meets chic feel to the interior and exterior. A big open warehouse with brick walls, big windows, lovely wood.. such a perfect host for Sarahs vintage, chic, soft wedding details. Man, those details. It was so hard to pinpoint some of my favorites because there were literally so many.

My second shooter Rebekah Viola and I have been waiting to share this wedding with you – it is definitely one for the books! Brandon and Sarah, thank you so much for inviting us into your wedding and having us capture such sweet memories for you. The way you interact with one another is so beautiful to witness.. for real. I couldn’t stop smiling so much that my cheeks hurt at the end of the night and I even shed a few tears during the ceremony. #honesttimewithmeg

Hold on to your seats, you’re about to witness a gorgeous bride, a handsome groom and a VERY memorable wedding.

Talk Soon,

Meagan Nicole

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