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Justin and Karlee – September 26th, 2014


I couldn’t be more excited to share Justin and Karlee’s wedding day with you all. First off, I’ve known Karlee ever since 8th grade and we’ve been best buds ever since. That’s about 9+ years of friendship! The minute I met Justin I knew he was the one for Karlee. They compliment one another so well and balance each other out perfectly. My husband Caleb instantly connected with Justin and now we’re just the happiest group of friends that ever met. It’s great.

I shot this wedding two days after getting home from my honeymoon, so a blissful-love-high was in full swing. Justin and Karlee had such dreamy weather. Can we just take in that sunset!?t Their venue Harvest View Barn couldn’t have been better suited with all of it’s wide open fields and luxurious hills. And Talia, the little photogenic flower girl. I can’t even. One of the neatest touches to their cocktail hour was something I’ve never seen before.. an iced coffee bar! Seriously so perfect and so yummy. Both Justin and Karlee were so excited and full of love which made the entire day so fun and special. HUGE shout out to my girl Maddie Broderick who was my second shooter for this day. There’s a handful of her images featured below! She always steps up and shoots along side of me so well. Well, I can’t even rave about this day enough. I’m literally swooning over these images for days. Join me!


Meagan Nicole

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