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Dandon and Morgan – May 31st, 2014


Where do I even begin with this beautiful couple. I first met Morgan a few years back at The Fire And Ice Festival hosted in my quaint town Lititz! Morgan was working at the Rachels Crepes food truck and when I went up to give my order I was mesmerized by her gorgeous ring and sweet tattoos. I just had this feeling that I needed to give her a business card. At the time, I wasn’t very bold in self advertising and for the first time ever, I gathered up all of the nerves inside of me to ask if she’d found a wedding photographer yet. When she told me she hadn’t it took everything in me not to break out in a crazy happy dance of sheer excitement. I gave her my card and low and behold – she hired me! Last Summer she also had my work featured in at Rachel’s Crepes cafe which was so cool. If you have not tried Rachels Crepes before, you don’t even know what life is.

Dandon and Morgan are two of the sweetest, funniest, hippest people I know. It felt like I was at a friends wedding the entire day! That’s the best feeling as a photographer. Being an avid Lancaster City hopper it was so fun seeing so many familiar faces! I didn’t know anyone personally but I recognized SO MANY FACES. All those cool people you see working at the cafe’s, clubs, thrift shops, food trucks, boutiques.. you name them, they were all there. Morgan did such a fabulous job at thrifting all of her decor! Cups, plates, table cloths, her dress! Everything was decked out to perfection and whatever wasn’t thrifted was DIY. It was the perfect spring blend of colors and florals. OH man, those florals. I was on serious detail overload. I still to this day, wish I could go back and have five hours for the detail shots alone. Stefani Burket did an amazing job on Morgans hair and makeup. I love the unique bohemian meets vintage glamor that Morgan and Stefani accomplished. And that head piece? Drooling. Family was so important to these two which is why one of my favorite moments was during the ceremony when Morgans brother walked her down the aisle in his Navy Blues. Such a sweet moment. Another “sweet” moment was the dessert table (see what I did there?). It was decked out in heavenly tasting Lancaster Cupcake yummies. My mouth literally melted. Also, can I just say how freaking awesome of an idea it was to have two of their favorite, local food trucks at the reception for the food/meal and snacks all night!? Souvlaki Boys and Baron Von Schwein. That was a first for me and I am a total fan. Both were so delicious but I am forever obsessed with Baron Von Schwein now and if you haven’t experienced their goodness yet you need to get on that. Lauxmont Farms was as dreamy as ever with it’s rolling hills, horses, cobblestone courtyard and the warm, soft, pink-hued sunset that fell over all of the fields. Glory!

Julia and I had the best day ever photographing this wedding and we are so, so, so excited to share it with you! What is your favorite detail about this wedding?

Meagan Nicole

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