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James + Caroline – August 1st, 2015


I have been jumping in my seat with anticipation ever since I photographed James and Caroline’s wedding last Summer to share these images! This was a pretty big wedding for me for a few reasons. It was my first wedding of the 2015 season that I got to use my new camera (which has since, changed my life. Dear canon 5D mark iii, you’re a game changer)! It was also the first wedding I had booked in 2014 for one of my larger packages, heyo! Julia, who was my intern in 2014 became my team member in 2015 and second shot this dream of a day with me! It was the first wedding we shot together after Julia’s wedding last year, so it was an all around happy day!

This was my first time photographing at White Chimeys Estate and I can’t say enough good things about the staff + this venue. The lighting in each room was so amazing, the property opportunities are endless and gorgeous and the staff was super friendly and happy to help whenever and where ever needed! Brides, if you’re still on the hunt for a venue make sure to check them out!

Caroline’s dress was from BHLDN, basically the prettiest store ever to exist. Stacia from Petals With Style NAILED it with the florals. The blush/cream color combos mixed with the warm summer sun and deep green grass/foliage was beyond perfect for James and Caroline’s romantic, whimsical day. And that flower crown! Man. It deserves all of the heart eyes.

James and Caroline have been together more years than the fingers on your hands can count. They are the peanut butter to one another’s jelly, the milk to the oreo cookie, the.. well you get the picture! They sharpen one another, compliment one another in all of the right ways and now, they complete each other. It was such a beautiful love commitment to be a part of. And they’ve even just shared some pretty big and stinkin’ exciting news! James and Caroline are expecting their first child!!! This babe is bound for some gorgeous locks, breathtaking eyes and the sweetest of souls. Everyone in James and Caroline’s family made Julia and I feel so welcomed and special. They were all so kind and just.. happy! It was the most joyous of days down to the every last element and detail.  Also, holy dancing. This was prrrobably the biggest dance party I had been a part of! They weren’t messin’ around. There were so many personable elements through out the reception that made it feel so fun and entertaining and the least bit stiff or boring. One of my favorite parts was when James surprised everyone and popped his head out from under Caroline’s dress three times (during the garter game) and had three different masks and “characters” on each time, HA! It created a loud roar of applause from their guests. These two made their wedding day very “them” and it was priceless.

I’ll stop swooning over this day and finally let you swoon for yourself over the images! Enjoy!

Meagan Nicole


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