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Brent and Andrea – Lifestyle Session


I’ve been blessed to have Brent and Andrea as friends for about 3+ years now and I’ve known Andrea for about 6+ years! Almost three years ago I photographed their amazing destination wedding in The Duck Keys, Florida. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I love photographing friends/clients throughout all the wonderful seasons in their lives. Andrea has become one of my closest girl friends and she also is a Meagan Nicole Photography second shooter during wedding season! It was so fun walking around Musser Park in Lancaster City with Brent, Andrea and their latest addition to the family, TOBY! I like to refer to him as tobster, also known as Kemma’s (my puppy) boyfriend. It was basically love at first sight and their pretty inseparable when we have them together (except for when they’re wrestling one another for their toy back).

Brent and Andrea are such a sweet couple and obviously are dear to my heart. I am so thankful for their friendship, and my camera is forever thankful for their good looks and photogenic faces. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our evening together!

xoxo, Meagan Nicole

*Photographs taken November, 2014.

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Jess is pretty much the cutest. We first met as little fifth graders, when we were on the same softball team and have been friends through the years! Jess is one of those people that no matter the amount of time between seeing each other, we always just pick up right where we left off. She’s one of the biggest Disney fanatics there ever was (aside from her sisters) which is also probably why we all get along so well. I love Jess because she’s not afraid to be goofy and completely ridiculous and also because she gets my movie references. Over Christmas break, we headed out for an impromptu shoot! Check out How cute she is!

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